FAQ: My Records

Your Information Records and tags linked to them are displayed on this screen. It is a good starting point as you manage the information in your records and the tags linked to them.

Records and Tags

On this example screen, we see that Lisa Miller has three Medical Records set up, each with at least one tag linked.

Information Records are shown as orange colored buttons:

Clicking a Record’s button will take you to to that record’s “Dashboard”screen, where you can view/update information about that record. Learn more here.

Tags linked to each record are shown as gray buttons.

Clicking a Tag’s button will take you to that tag’s “Dashboard” screen, where you can view/update information about that tag. Learn more here.

More than one tag can be linked to an information record. In the example screen, we see that Lisa Miller’s Medical Record has multiple tags linked to it.

This means viewing either linked tag would display the same information in “Lisa’s Medical info”.

Click on a tag to manage it and you can control which record it is linked to.

Clicking on the eye icon next to the tag button will open a window to “view” that tag as other people would.

Click on a record to manage it, so you can view/update the information in the record – but the linking of tags to records can be managed only on the “Manage Tag” screen.

The “Action Menu”

The “Action Menu” shows functions and shortcuts available for this screen

Advanced subsection of the action menu is only displayed when the account has many Smart IDs activated into it.

You can perform searches and query your Information Records using the the “Filter List” action as detailed here.

The “Tools” action opens a pop-up form for actions relevant to group operations and data export functions.