DAP_badge6All dynotag products feature advanced capabilities  and work for you 7/24 for LIFE.  Dynotags are maintenance-free, include lifetime service and lifetime warranty!

We offer the largest variety of purpose-built products to fit your needs.  They are grouped into service categories as follows:

Property Recovery


Luggage, bags, electronics, sports equipment, outdoor wear – almost any valuable property can be protected by dynotags! Our “Never Lose Anything!

line of products provide peace of mind for all your belongings. Your dynotag will provide valuable recovery  information if it is misplaced and stay on the job 7/24 . Even better, you can keep your information up to date and secure – even after the property is out of sight!  Update the information with precise instructions (share the name of the hotel, if you are out of town) post a reward – make sure the finder has accurate information and incentive needed to  help recover your stuff. Learn more…

Emergency Contact Information


Every time a loved one steps out of the house, they should have, on their person, their important contact information, as well as key information that would be useful to First Responders and Police.

Dynotags help you by making sure every loved one is covered.  Plus, you get to keep all the key information relevant and up to date.  You can even upload document, form and image files to your tag and it will be available for first responders when they need it. With so many pieces of information, it is difficult to remember all the emergency contact details even when we are fully up and about. A dynotag will deliver key information for its owner even when they are not conscious or not capable of communicating, as well as notifying their loved ones about!  Learn more…


PetsCategory4Our four-legged friends are family! They deserve their special dynotag that is effectively an Emergency Contact Information tag for pets.  We offer a wide variety of designs and materials to help your pets be prepared for the unexpected and come back home safely!

Our SuperPetTags are much more than an ordinary pet tag – they can be used as a complete information management system!  Learn more…

Asset Labeling / Tracking / Maintenance

sticker-banner4Requiring NO special software system commitments and offering easy web-based functionality, sdnotags are a perfect choice for small business,  as well as departmental / facility asset tracking and management.

We offer products that are economically packaged, available in bulk, and can be managed as members of specialized groups in your account. You can even manipulate them in bulk, minimizing repetitive operations. Learn more…   

Connect With Your Audience

These large format dynotags are visible from afar and are suitable for real estate displays, offices, schools, small businesses, trade shows, and more…  Learn more…

Check out some real dynotags!

Here are some sample tags you can examine. Note that these are real tags with real content, in a real dynotag user account, just like yours would be…

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