Lifetime Warranty

Woman And Her DogDynotag Cloud Service (DCS) securely keeps your valuable data on-line, and available. The physical Smart ID tags linked to your records, on the other hand,  are subject to wear and tear – and –  they can simply get lost!

Fortunately,  Dynotag SuperIDs® branded products come with our incredible Lifetime Warranty, providing:

  • One free replacement incident in the first year
  • 50% discount for any replacement ID tag after the first year – or after the free replacement incident is used.
We take pride in our unique self-service warranty process, as it requires:
– no paperwork
– no proof of purchase
– no proof of damage or loss
– no limit to number of replacement events
Simply replace your SuperID Tag at your own discretion, whenever you please.
Your SuperID information records are kept in the Dynotag Cloud Service and cannot be lost. Your warranty replacement ID will automatically get linked to the original record and will function just like the lost ID tag. No manual copying of information, etc. needed!.
A scratch on the QR Code? Accidental damage? Forgot the SuperID at the hotel?  Puppy chewed the collar off? Go ahead, get a warranty replacement Smart ID tag!  You can get a replacement as many times as you deem necessary…

Self-Service Automated Warranty Processing


With our automated warranty processing, there is no need for pre-approval:  Just sign-in to your account and follow the process outlined below.

Read  step-by-step instructions  here

The system handles transfer of all your information to the new ID tag when you receive and activate the new ID tag. The old tag is automatically decommissioned for your security.

For warranty service that is not covered by automated processing, please send an email to with:

  • Your Smart ID tag’s unique ID number is printed on the tag.  It is a set of numbers like XXXX-XXXX
  • A photo of the Smart ID tag if it is still in your possession – so we can learn about the failure and use the information to improve our products.

– Notes –

DCSDynotag Cloud Service manages the information you enter as info “records” – and simply “links” physical ID tags to that info record.   You can “link” many physical ID tags to an info “record”.

This means that losing a physical SuperID tag will NOT cause loss of the information in the record. When you receive your new warranty replacement ID tag, it will automatically copy information over from the old ID tag and decommission the old ID tag for your security. Similarly, the system supports linking of multiple ID tags to the same information record – so you can have multiple SuperIDs displaying the same information.

All shipments include tracking information and insurance. U.S. Shipments are handled as standard domestic eStore shipments. In case of warranty replacement outside the United States, shipping and customs liabilities are responsibilities of the recipient.