Dynotags products sold via authorized retail channels come with Lifetime Support included. A full one-year replacement warranty is extended for the physical tag itself.

Under this warranty,  you can have your physical tag replaced by dynotag if it fails under normal use circumstances.

For warranty service, please send an email to support@dynotag.com with:

  • Your tag ID as printed on the tag.  This would read like dynotag.com/xxxx-xxxx
  • A photo of the tag if it is still in your possession – so we can gain an understanding of how the tag failed.

Please note that the Cloud Service component of a dynotag will stay in service even if there are no physical tags are bound to it.   When you receive your replacement tag, you may want to activate it using the “clone tag” template and make it point to the lost/damaged tag’s ID. This way, you don’t have to re-enter the information in that tag.  Alternatively, you can “reset” the dynotag instance of the replaced tag – removing it from your account –  and activate/configure the new tag anew. Learn more about clone tags here.

Beyond the first year, you will be offered a discount toward a replacement tag.

In case of warranty replacement outside the United States, shipping and any customs liabilities are responsibilities of the recipient.