Woman And Her DogDynotag branded products come with Lifetime Warranty included:

  • One free replacement incident in the first year
  • 50% discount for the replacement tag after the first year – or after the free replacement incident is used.

There is no limit to how many times a dynotag can be replaced.  You can replace a dynotag as many times as you deem necessary – driven by loss of tag, normal usage wear, damage to the tag, etc..

Self-Service Automated Warranty Processing System


With our automated warranty processing, there is no pre-approval step:  Just sign-in to your account, click your tag on “My Tags” screen then click the “Warranty” action on the left menu to get started. Read  step-by-step instructions  here.

The system handles transfer of all your information to the new tag when you receive and activate the tag – making the process simple and complete.

For warranty service that is not covered by automated processing, please send an email to support@dynotag.com with:

  • Your tag ID as printed on the tag.  This would read like dynotag.com/xxxx-xxxx
  • A photo of the tag if it is still in your possession – so we can learn about the failure.

– Notes –

DCSPlease note that Dynotag Cloud Service component of a dynotag will stay in service even if there are no physical tags are bound to it!   When you receive your replacement tag via automated warranty processing, all information transfer details are handled for you by the systemElse, you may want to set the new tag up using the “clone tag” template and make it point to the lost/damaged tag’s ID. This way, you don’t have to re-enter the information in that tag.  Learn more about using clone tags here.

All shipments include tracking information and insurance. U.S. Shipments are handled as standard domestic eStore shipments. In case of warranty replacement outside the United States, shipping and customs liabilities are responsibilities of the recipient.