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The idea behind dynotag service in a short, fun video:


Dynotags are patented, advanced Web & Location Enabled Smart Tags featuring Patented DynoIQ technologies. They offer an instant information sharing solution  to give you peace of mind:

… and many other exciting uses – learn more


Works anywhere on the planet with Internet Access.  Dynotags have been serving their owners around the planet, from U.S.A. to Europe,  India, Australia, Africa – and more…


  Dynotag products come with a LIFETIME warranty  and replacement service directly from Dynotag!

Lost your tag? Handling damage? Just replace your tag with a new one! No matter what happens to your physical tag, your tag data is safe at Dynotag Cloud Service and is automatically transferred to your new tag!


All dynotags come with FREE LIFETIME subscription to Dynotag Service. Your tags come with rich, industry leading features and ample storage included in the purchase!  Just sign in to your FREE account and activate your tags.


Dynotags are powered by our  Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS), which has been continuously powering your tags up 7/24 since 2011! There are no batteries to worry about charging – or –  replacing. There are no electronics to break, either. Our tags are tough, waterproof and shatterproof.   learn more

 security_badge Designed in cooperation with Emergency Response Specialists! We worked with local law enforcement / first response professionals to make sure our Emergency Contact ID tags meet and surpass the goals of the Amber Alert Program!
 qr scanner No special smart phone App or QR Scanner App necessary! Advanced Dynotag webapp works with any modern Web Browser!
  Dynotag products come with the built-in  “Good Samaritan Rewards program! This program rewards anyone helping you via your dynotag – by gifting them a dynotag, with a “Thank You!” letter – on your behalf!
 ShelterAngel .
With every dynotag purchase,  you are helping animals in need! Dynotag is the creator and sponsor of the “Shelter Angel” charity program from. Our goal is to help increase pet shelter adoptions by furnishing new adopters a free Dynotag Super Pet Tag!
 FriendsInNeed2a Your purchases also help fund our Friends In Need charity program – providing  Emergency Information Tags to homeless and needy persons as well as First Responders free of charge.

With each dynotag, you get a rich selection of Tag Templates to pick from. Your tag comes with a default Tag Template, ready to go – but you can, at any time, switch to another template more suitable for your application.

You can find our wide selection of ready-to-use dynotag smart tags products  here.

When you create your free account  at – you will be able to “Activate” all your tags into your account, then update their content and organize them – as you see fit.

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  • All retail dynotags sold via authorized channels come with a full one-year warranty!
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