FAQ: Multiple Tags for the Same Record

Sometimes you need multiple tags sharing the same information.


Example 1: Smart Medical ID:
Multiple physical Medical IDs on a person (wallet card, pendant, wrist tag, keychain tag) are useful to increase visibility and deliver lifesaving information quickly. We would of course want to set only one Medical Information Record – and have all the tags use that.

For example, user “Lisa Miller” is up with a set of three Medical ID tags:

  1. Medical ID Wallet Card (Tag ID 1234-1111, Activation KeyCode AAAA)
  2. Medical ID Pendant (Tag ID 1234-2222, Activation KeyCode BBBB)
  3. Medical ID Wristband (Tag ID 1234-1111, Activation KeyCode AAAA)

New Dynotags are activated simply by visiting the dynotag.com/activate .

  • We first activate the Wallet Card Medical ID, and in that process, create a Medical Record, naming it “Lisa Miller Med ID”.
  • Afterwards, we also activate the Pendant and the Wristband but instead of creating another Medical Record, we simply “Attach” these tags to the existing “Lisa Miller Med ID” Medical Record.

Now, Marge’s Medical Record can be viewed by someone using any one of her three Medical ID tags.

Note that AN INFORMATION RECORD CAN ONLY BE VIEWED VIA A TAG THAT IS ATTACHED TO IT. This is especially important for password protected information because in most cases, the viewer will have to enter the KeyCode on the specific tag in order to view the information.

Example 2: Smart Property ID
You may want to have all your property tags to have the same generic recovery information, such as who to contact and and how to contact, any reward, etc.

All this information may be in a property Info Record named “John’s Stuff – Please return” and you can attach all your property dynotags to it.

This way, you can set new tags up in bulk, and differentiate them later as needed. It is all done on the tag’s “Tag Dashboard” screen.

The steps to attach a tag you own to a new information record or an exiting information record you already have – are described here.