Concept: Groups

Groups are useful when one has a considerable  number of dynotags activated into their account.  This is an advanced feature exposed to users with 20+ tags / records.

Because you can use dynotags for a variety of purposes, such as pet tags, luggage tags, household items, keychains, emergency id cards and so on – it may be easier to work with related subsets of them.

For instance, you can create the following groups:

  • Pets  – all the pet tags are in this group
  • Recovery – all luggage tags and property tags are in this group
  • ECI info – all Emergency Contact Info cards may be grouped here
  • Billy – all tags related to Billy
  • Jane – all tags related to Jane

Use of groups is optional – and how they are set up is up to the account holder. Note that:

  • A record can be in more than one group
  • You can select and add your records to a group or remove them from a group at any time.
  • When a group with records defined in it is deleted, the records are unaffected. They just  are not members of the deleted group any more.

All the “groups” action takes place on the “my records” page.

You can create, rename, or delete a group using the “Tools” submenu in the left menu “Advanced” section.

You can create / rename / delete groups in via the tools panel:

Choosing “Create a Group” function, we create the groups “Group1” and  “Group2″

Now, we can add certain records to groups.  Simply click the selection boxes of the relevant records in My Records” screen

Then, pick “Add Selected Records to a Group” action from the “Tools” menu item

And click the checkboxes of the groups we want to enlist these tags  in. Note that you can choose multiple groups.

To view only certain groups  on your “My Records” page, click the “Filter List” action from the menu  – then click the “Use Group Selection” checkbox.   You will see the groups you defined and can view them in many different ways.  Experimentation is easy and the best way to get comfortable with “Group” concepts and operations…