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When you purchase a dynotag from an authorized retailer or partner, your physical tag includes lifetime subscription to our industry leading Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS). There are no gotchas, no surprise service subscription demands. Plus, dynotags do not have fragile electronics or batteries to drain – they are completely maintenance-free and serve you 7/24, for life!

To ensure your satisfaction, dynotags come with lifetime warranty!

You can choose from specially built, premium quality smart tags such as luggage tags, keychain tags, pet tags, medical / emergency info tags and many more, ready for immediate use. They also make thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

Dynotags come in two levels of functionality: Silver and Gold.

Gold dynotags have all the advanced features available as shown in the table below. Silver dynotags are typically used in applications where large amount of dynotags are used and each tag needs to be, such as asset management applications – however not all “Gold” level functionalities are needed – so a more economical “Silver” functionality is offered. Note that “Silver” records can be upgraded to “Gold” level after the activation – if needed.

Most consumer merchandise from Dynotag comes with GOLD level functionality.
Asset Management Products sold in bulk come with Silver level functionality. Please look in the specific product item description for tag capability level and pricing details.

You can find the subscription level of a record by clicking the “Details” item on the “Function Panel” of the “Record Dashboard“. Detailed information on the record will be displayed.

The table below gives a quick summary of dynotag features.


There are use cases where no physical merchandise is needed by the consumer application, such as using a dynotag on a custom business card. For such applications, Dynotag offers the “Flex Tag” functionality – which allows you to create a dynotag without a physical deliverable. A “Flex Tag” is created as a “Gold Level” tag and is ready to be used on your private applications. Simply copy/paste the QR code and the web address assigned to the tag. You can see a sample Flex Tag use described in this article..

Dynotag “credits” make it easy to get add-on services. For a single credit, you can create a “Flex Tag” you own for life, or you can upgrade a “Silver” dynotag to “Gold” or add more storage capacity to a “Gold” tag – up to 200MB for one credit.

In order to upgrade a “Silver” tag to “Gold” level, simply sign into your account, go to your “My Tags” page and click on the tag of interest – then click “Upgrade ” from the drop-down menu to start the process.   If you have several tags to upgrade, you may be interested in the “Bulk Upgrade” facility available in the “Tools” submenu of the “My Tags” screen. This facility enables you to upgrade all the tags in a group at once.  Simply select all the tags of interest and put them in a new group, naming it “Scratch” or similar name. Then, in the “Tools” submenu, click “Bulk Upgrade” and when presented with a list of groups, click the group of tags to upgrade.  Please use the bulk operation tools with care.

Sold online, in “Credit Packs” – Dynotag makes it easy and affordable to use its advanced services from anywhere on the planet. Buying credits in larger quantity offers considerable savings. Simply sign in to your account and click “credits” on your homepage to see the packages offered – which can be purchased immediately – and they are credited to your account instantly.

Dynotag credits do not expire.

Use dynotags on your business card, personal page, or anyplace you want to provide  information about a physical object! The uses are endless!!!

Credits can be purchased by clicking “Credits” on your Dynotag account homepage.
Currently, credit packs are structured as follows:


If you need 100 credits or more, please contact our support team.