FAQ: Filter and Search

When you have many tags, the “My Records, you will notice a new “Advanced” section in the menu bar of the “My Records” screen.

In addition, a new “header” will be shown above the record list

In the example header shown above, there are 122 records total – and all of them are shown in the “My Tags” screen.

The “Filters” enable you to narrow down the list of records shown in the “My Records” list. You can either click “Filters” in the menu or the “Filters” link in the header to set your criteria. A “Filter Settings” form will pop-up.

At the simplest level, you can click a “Record Type” such as “Item” to display only the “Item” records.

Or, you can perform a simple search through all Record and Tags for a specific phrase.

The criteria you select is applied together – meaning more criteria you select, the more restrictive the filters become. For example, if you want to display only the “Item” records that contain the word “Samsonite” in the records or tags – your Filter Settings would be as follows.

Clicking “Apply” will apply the filters and your “My Records” page will be re-displayed.

In this example, 8 records were found to satisfy the filtering criteria. Note that the “Filters” header line displays a summary of the current filter in effect. You can click “Filters” again and on the pop-up form, click “Clear” and “Apply” to go back to the default view.

“Groups” are another mechanism when one has a lot of records. You can create named groups and collect similar records into a named group – such as “Hardside Luggage”. If you have several defined groups, you can use them in the filter / search criteria. Learn more about groups here.