An amazing set of features make dynotags the best in class Web/Location enabled Smart Tags in the industry!

DCSDynotag Cloud Service (DCS)
All dynotags are powered by our industrial strength cloud service running 7/24 to provide all the advanced features below for your dynotags!  We are continuously enhancing the DCS service – meaning your dynotags are becoming even more capable over time!

Lifetime Subscription is Built-in!
Once you set your dynotag up, it will work for you 7/24 – for life! Ample storage is provided for your dynotag. There is no recurring subscription for the advanced functionality that comes with your dynotag!

Amazing Lifetime Warranty
Dynotags come with lifetime warranty built-in!  For most tags, our industry-leading automated warranty process makes it a simple self-service process to replace your lost or worn out tags for any reason!

Tough + No Batteries + No Electronics = Maintenance Free
Batteries used in any electronics are almost guaranteed to let you down by not having any charge when you need them most!  Electronics are fragile. Both add weight and volume. Utilizing the innovative Dynotag Cloud Service enables dynotags to provide their functionality without using batteries or fragile electronics!  This makes dynotags tough, light, weatherproof, waterproof and maintenance free for life! 

Good Samaritan Rewards
Your dynotags have a built-in reward system to incentivize the good samaritans who view the tags!  On your behalf, Dynotag will send a “Thank You” letter and a gift product to the good samaritan – at no cost to you.

dynoHouse-18-512Dynotag Account to house all your tags
Your free dynotag.com account is where you collect and maintain all your dynotags.   Start with a luggage tag, then add stickers, then a pet tag – and so on.  You can even create groups of dynotags and keep similar tags together.   Only you, the owner of the dynotag, can enter/update information in your dynotag for others to see. Others can only view what you chose to share.

Secure Tag Activation
Our patented tag activation system ensures that each dynotag has only one owner. Once you receive your dynotag, you “Activate” it into your account – and it becomes yours – forever!   An activated dynotag cannot be activated again by anyone else.

Works everywhere on the planet with Internet
No special app or QR code reader necessary. Dynotags work on any smartphone or computer with a web browser.  The QR code is provided simply as a convenience for those with smartphones and QR code readers – because it is easier to scan a QR code than typing the a web address manually using a tiny keyboard. As the owner, you can view, create and edit the information in your dynotags on the go – even when you are not  in the vicinity of your tag. This means you can update the information in your dynotags remotely, even after you misplace your property, your pet is away from home, while your kids are at school!

dynoPadlockMultiple Layers of Security
Your privacy is important! Dynotag enables the owner to choose several layers of security.  You can disable/enable your tags as you need. You can also put a password on your dynotag so that only authorized eyes can see its contents. You can even password protect files you load into the tag and leave others publicly viewable. You decide what level of security is right for your needs, and update as you see fit!

dynoRobotAutomatic View Notification
On your “Gold” level tags (most dynotags come with Gold level – please read product description for details), you may choose to opt-in for an automatic email notification when your tag information is viewed anywhere on the planet! Give your kids a dynotag Emergency Contact Info pendant and know that all the key information is on their person in an emergency – and receive an  email when someone accesses that information!

Viewer Geolocation
Anytime when a third party views one of your dynotags, the DCS service will work with the viewing device to inquire its geolocation.  Did you lose your keys / laptop/ phone, etc. and are hoping they could find their way back to you? Dynotag knows when your tag information is accessed and displays visitor locations on a map, with precise coordinates if available.  Learn more

Special QR code
Why settle for a simple QR code? Contents of dynotag QR Smart Tags can be edited by their owner any time, can be password protected, provide the owner with an access log of tag views and more. Even the QR code is generated for easy scan-ability and visibility .

An easy-to-use solution for everyone
Dynotag is the only brand offering a complete Smart Tag solution for consumers. 
Here are some 
sample tags showing some of the daily use cases. Note that these are real tags with real content, in a real dynotag user account. We offer products to serve you 7/24 and provide peace-of-mind for a variety of uses in your life.

Capable, task oriented Tag Templates
Each dynotag comes with a Dynotag Template assigned to it, based on its intended functionality.  Advanced users can even change the tag template used by their tags to better serve their needs.  Learn more…

Access Log / Clickable map
The owner of a dynotag, when signed into the dynotag account, can see that dynotag’s “Access Log” where all views of the information of the dynotag are stored, together with clickable location coordinates of the view, when present.  Last view locations are also shown as a pin on a zoomable map.

Automatic File Virus Scanning
Whenever you are uploading a file to your dynotag, it is filtered through our Virus Scanner facility on DCS. Any files detected to be infected are rejected. This helps prevent you unknowingly upload infected files – which would harm your viewers and may even prevent them from viewing the important information in your tag…

Log Book
Gold level tags come with the log book feature, which enables you to attach a log book to your dynotag – where third parties can add notes to your dynotag’s content. You can even choose to protect the log book with a password – so only authorized parties can enter log records. You can moderate the log entries individually (accept/reject them) and receive an automatic notification when there is a new log book entry.  This is extremely useful for anything that needs a service record, such as machinery, HVAC equipment, even Pets! – who can carry their veterinary checkup history on their dynotag.

Gold level tags come with the Timer feature, which enables your tag to send you a reminder email at a predetermined future date.  This comes in handy for reminding yourself to update the content of the tag or other time based maintenance tasks.

…New features are added to DCS continually: Making your dynotags even smarter as they serve you!