DynoIQ™ Technology + Innovative Features = Leading Smart Tag Solution

Dynotags come with DynoIQ – a set of continuously advancing technologies at the core of all dynotags, including patented components.  On top of these, we add user-friendly, industry leading programs, offering the best Smart Tag value on the planet!


Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) 
All dynotags are powered by our industrial strength cloud service  providing all the advanced features below for your dynotags.  DCS service is continuously enhanced – making your dynotags even more capable over time.
Lifetime Subscription

Lifetime Subscription is Built-in
!Once you set your dynotag up, it will work  for life! There is no recurring subscription for the advanced functionality that comes with your dynotag!

Amazing Lifetime Warranty
Dynotags come with lifetime warranty built-in.  For virtually all  tags, our industry-leading automated warranty process makes it a simple self-service process to replace your lost or worn out tags for any reason. No proof of loss or incident report needed.

Tough + No Batteries + No Electronics = Maintenance Free
Batteries used in any electronics are almost guaranteed to discharge and let you down when you need them most.  Electronics are fragile. Batteries and electronics add weight and bulk. Utilizing the innovative Dynotag Cloud Service enables dynotags to provide their functionality without using batteries or fragile electronics.  This makes dynotags tough, light, weatherproof, waterproof and maintenance free for life.!
Works everywhere on the planet with Internet
No special app needed. Dynotags work on any smartphone or computer with a web browser.  Just scan the QR code or visit the private web address printed on every tag.

Multiple Layers of Security
Defend against Identity Theft – your privacy is important. With a dynotag, you can enable several layers of security.  You can temporarily disable/enable your tags as needed. You can also put a password on your dynotag so that only authorized eyes can see its contents. You can even password protect each file you load into the tag. You decide what level of security is right for your needs.  All accesses are kept in an “Access Log”, listing the history of tag views, with time stamps.
Good Samaritan Rewards Program
Reward incentives are proven to improve product recovery rates. Your dynotags have a built-in reward for good samaritans.  On your behalf, Dynotag will send a “Thank You” letter and a gift product to the good samaritan – at no cost to you. learn more

Our ready-to-use personal Smart IDs come with “Gold” level features:

  • Automatic View Notification / Geolocation
  • Log Book
  • Timers/Reminders

More information on these and other DynoIQ™ features is available here.

SuperIDs by Dynotag.  The smart way to protect everything you value…

Dynotag is the only brand offering a complete set of Smart ID Tag products for consumers. Here are some sample tags showing some of the daily use cases. Note that these are real tags with real content, in a real dynotag user account. We offer products to serve you around the clock and provide peace-of-mind for a variety of uses in your life.