Exporting record data

Users with many records can export data from selected records to an Excel compatible file.

First, navigate to “My Records” screen.

A “Tools” menu selection will be available to perform the export once you select the records you want to export.

You have a few methods to select the records you want to export.

The simplest method is simply clicking the checkbox next to each record you would like to export. In the example below, only the second and third records are selected as shown by their checkboxes.

The second method is using the simple “Filters” function – which enables you to filter the “My Records” display to only records satisfying your filter criteria. For example, the filter settings below show only the “Asset” records that contain the word “Copier”

The third method is the most advanced, and is preferred by asset managers with large numbers of tags: The “Groups” facility as described here . In this case, you click the “Use Group Selection” checkbox on the filters pane to bring the power of groups into your selection criteria.

Once you select the records you want to export, click the export method of your choice from the “Tools” pane –

In the final step, open the exported file in Excel or compatible spreadsheet program.