Asset Management

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Got dozens, hundreds, even thousands of assets you want to keep track of – but you do NOT want an expensive system to implement and maintain?  Dynotag Asset Management Tags  are what you are looking for!  They meet and exceed all your basic tracking and maintenance recording needs.

All you have to do is get our professionally designed, tough and versatile asset sticker sheets in bulk. You can start using them as soon as you receive them – virtually zero set-up time required!

No dedicated apps or database management software to deal with – all you need is a modern web browser to manage your collection of asset tags.  Your asset information is maintained on Dynotag’s industrial strength cloud service – for life!

You can set up and maintain each asset sticker up on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.  Similarly, any third party viewing these tags can see the information shared by the owner – in a read-only fashion, using any web browser or smartphone with a QR reader. You can update contents if and when you see fit.

No maintenance or subscription fees, the purchase of the tags gives you all you need to set up, use and update the tags for life without any additional fees.

These are a special version of our tough stickers – which are all unique and come in sets, even sheets of stickers.

To make them economical in bulk, we typically offer these as “Silver Level” dynotags, which has all the functionality  needed for asset tracking applications. If need be, they can easily get upgraded to “Gold” level in your account, making even more features available, such as a maintenance records “LogBook” system as well as automatic notification when the tags are viewed. You can even store instruction guides and documentation right on the tag itself!… Find out more in this sample application article…


Exmine this sample asset management tag:
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We refer to these as “Bulk Activated” Sticker Sets because you activate them into your account in bulk and add content later – otherwise one by one activation would be a tedious process.

Once activated, you can use the “Group” facilities built into dynotag user interface to create functional groups and assign your tags to these groups.  A tag can be member of more than one group – which lets you come up with useful constructs to manipulate/view your tags in a way that’s just right for your application!  Learn more

You can also select and export information in groups of tags into excel compatible spreadsheets for external analysis or reporting.

Similarly, “Bulk Operations” that work on a group of tags makes it easier for you to manipulate a group of tags at once,  for instance copying the settings of a specially set up tag to all tags in a group,  etc.

We offer the following bulk activated sticker set products – so you can get going right away and get more stickers as you need them.

  • Set of 3 unique stickers (bulk activated as a set of 3
  • Set of 12 unique stickers (bulk activated in sets of 3)
  • Set of 108 unique stickers (bulk activated in sets of 36)

All available at our online eStore

If you need large amount of stickers (1,000 stickers or more) we can custom build these stickers with your logo, colors and specific instructions on them.

If you need other format of custom asset tracking Dynotag Smart Tags, such as rigid stickers, custom synthetic tags or metal tags – we can build them for you in bulk – please contact our partner support team at for more information.