We use a variety of strong, special materials to build our tags to ensure a long service life. Our tags are maintenance-free and weatherproof.

Synthetic Tags:

These are our thin, light and strong tags made from special synthetic material that is laminated on both sides. They are light and very strong.

Unlike most credit cards, where the information is printed on the surface of the card, all information is on the special synthetic material which is protected by thick laminate layer. Information cannot be rubbed off.

We use this excellent material to build many varieties of property tags, as well as Emergency ID tags.

Metal Tags:

Our metal tags are made of strong steel, coated with a protective layer of polymer material. They are waterproof.


Our tough stickers are made from a high tech special synthetic material with excellent resilience and imprinted with high-resolution art and information. We then coat them with a special UV hardened polymer for extra resiliency. They are waterproof.

They feature a tough acrylic permanent adhesive that works well on clean, smooth surfaces.

Min Application Temp: 50°F
Min Service Temp: -40°F
Max Service Temp: 250°F

Note: In order to get a true measure of the adhesive’s effectiveness, the label should be applied and allowed to bond a minimum of 24 hours prior to evaluation.

We suggest cleaning the surface using a tissue with rubbing alcohol, windex or similar liquid and drying prior to application.

They are expected to be applied to a flat or gently curved surface (min. 4″ dia) that is smooth and clean of dust and oils (use an alcohol wipe to prep the surface if necessary). The adhesive behind the stickers is waterproofindustrial strength and permanent when applied properly.