How2: Dynotag on Your Business Card

Dynotags are Smart Tags powered by DCS: the Dynotag Cloud Service.

This makes the contents of a dynotag viewable using any modern web browser, from any computer such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

This also means that you can share the content of a dynotag you own, simply by printing its address on other articles, such as Business Cards, homemade greeting cards, even posters – applications are limited only by your imagination!

Let’s go over how to get your dynotag printed on a business card. This procedure applies pretty much to any application where you want to use your dynotag on another item.

  • Every dynotag comes with a unique web address and a QR code, which simply contains that same unique web address.
  • QR code reader apps on smartphones simply automate typing the web address into a web browser once they scan and notice that the code contains a web address. Then, they simply launch the default web browser to view that address.
  • Alternatively, one can start a web browser and view a dynotag by simply typing its web address in.

In this article, we’ll use the address of a real dynotag – that contains the e-business card of Mr. Philip J. Fry, the owner of a new business named “Pistachio Empire”: . Let’s pretend this is a dynotag in your “collection” and you want it printed on your business cards.

First of all, why put a dynotag on your business card?

  • You can update the contents of the dynotag at any time!
  • You can evolve with the times – add to your portfolio, achievements, new photos
  • You can receive a notification every time your business card dynotag is accessed.
  • You make an impression as someone who knows how to use the technology to the fullest!

Even better, Dynotag makes it easy for anyone to use this facility at no cost, compliments of Dynotag!

Now that we decided to use our dynotag on a business card, how do we go about it?

If you don’t have a free account – sign up today.

Every new dynotag account comes with a complimentary “welcome credit” allowing the account holder to create a “Flex Tag” – a dynotag that is fully maintained by the Dynotag Cloud Service and is meant to be printed on goods by the tag owner. Unlike retail purchased physical dynotags, which come with their unique dynotag printed on them, “Flex” dynotags are virtual and can be created on the go, by those who will print them on their physical application.  Creating business cards with a dynotag on them is one such application.

  1. Sign in to your dynotag account.
  2. Create your “Flex” dynotag by clicking “create flex tag”.   Enter the tag’s information and click “save”.
  3. You can obtain the QR code for any dynotag by viewing its address with .QR appended to it, such as: which shows the dynotag’s unique QR code displayed in a frame.
  4. You can obtain that dynotag’s QR code as a raw .png (portable network graphics) image by appending . . The QR code image served by DCS is special in the sense that it can be sized INFINITELY at high resolution by any simple graphics program.
  5. When you use your QR code image, pay attention to the following points – else the code cannot be scanned:
    • You can enlarge or shrink the image as necessary – but do not alter the “aspect ratio” – keep the height and width ratio the same .
    • Do print the QR code on a solid, light colored background – so the contrast is high.
    • Do leave an unprinted border around the QR code.
    • Make the QR code large enough to be scannable, normally no less than half an inch (12.7mm) square – unless you have very high contrast and more than 600dpi resolution. Also note that older smartphones may have difficulty scanning smaller QR codes.
  6. Always test the QR code for proper scanning once you print your application.
  7. We strongly recommend printing the unique web address of the dynotag under the QR code – that way it can be viewed by people even if they do not have a smartphone. You can get your dynotag an “alias” to make its web address easier to remember, as Philip did: .

Well, it looks like Phillip’s business card turned out nicely!  Try one for your business card!


Happy dynotagging!