Opens a Detailed Emergency Profile on Any Smartphone in Seconds…

– Free online profile with lifetime subscription
– More useful information than traditional IDs
– Detailed information about your property, including serial number and images.
– Lifetime replacement warranty on all IDs

SuperTagID Smart Tags – created for travelers by travelers!
A variety of special purpose designed to display the proper information at the right time – and instantly let you know when the tag is viewed.

Requiring no batteries or electronics to operate, these Smart Tags are maintenance free, tough, waterproof and come with a lifetime replacement warranty. Manufactured using high quality materials, they are secure and easy to use. Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) with DynoIQ™ performs all the advanced functionality of our Smart Tags.

Lost & Found offices, first responders, security and transportation service staff are required to give their best effort to contact you using the information in the tag – if they can see a tag. A dynotag on your belongings provides them with that information, helping you recover your goods.

We designed Super IDs so NO smartphone app or other special applications are required to manage or view them. Using our patented technology, they securely work with any modern web browser, anywhere on the globe with Internet access.

Moreover, dynotag provides all owners with a recovery incentive program – at no additional cost: Our Good Samaritan Rewards Program is easy to use and effective. Take advantage of it in all your dynotags!