Activate Your New ID Tag

To activate your tag, you must first sign into your Dynotag account.

If you do not have a Dynotag account, create one, so you can activate all your tags into that account – keeping them secure and easy to manage. Please click one of the following two choices – then follow the 1-2-3 steps outlined below.

Sign In
Sign in to your existing dynotag account
Create new account
No account yet? Create your free dynotag account. Click “Save” when done entering your account information – and you’ll be signed into your brand new account!


Once you are signed in,

(1) Pull down the left menu and click Activate Tag.

(2) Enter the 8-digit ID number and 4-letter activation key code (both of these are printed on your tag)

(3) Once activation key code is accepted, an information record will be created and linked to the tag, then you will be placed on the tag’s “Basic Information” information section. Enter the information. Click “Save” when done.

Your tag is linked to a record and is ready to start working for you. You can click at any time to add more information to your record.


Once you’ve activated your first ID tag, repeat the process for every new tag by simply choosing Activate Tag from your My Tags page.

NOTE:  If you ordered a set of identical tags (if all your tags have the same ID#), you will only have to activate one tag.  All tags will share the same record.

Common questions are answered on our FAQ page.
Please contact our support team if you need assistance.