Good Samaritan Rewards

Good-Samaritan Rewards Program Studies show reward incentives work and indeed increase the recovery success rates.

Dynotag’s Good Samaritan Rewards program is a free incentive reward program built-in to all dynotag smart tags. No additional purchase is necessary.


Program Goals:

Happy Children

  • Provide the Good Samaritan who uses your dynotag to help you with a reward, in effect thanking them for doing the right thing.
  • Enable you, the dynotag owner, to show your appreciation to the Good Samaritan at no cost to you, courtesy of dynotag.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. We suggest you mention “Reward for return!” or
    “Reward for help!” in your tag’s content. This is optional but it shows good will.
  2. When you receive assistance from a good Samaritan using your dynotag, simply send an email containing
    • A brief overview of the recovery episode
    • Tag ID number of dynotag involved in recovery (
    • USPS Mailing Address of the Good Samaritan
      to  .
  3. Upon receiving this information, we will mail a “Thank You” gift to the Good Samaritan, presenting them with a complimentary dynotag product in the same envelope with a nice “Thank You!” letter on your behalf.

Another “industry first” service, from your friends at dynotag…