How2: Adding Photos to a Record

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Dynotag SuperIDs make it easy to add photos to your information records.

  • On Medical ID records, add your own photos, including any marks, scars and conditions. You can also add photos of medications, vaccination certificates, test results, insurance cards and information, and more…
  • On Property records, add photos of the property, contents, warranty statement, receipt, etc.
  • On Pet records, add photos of the pet over time, photos of medications, test, vaccinations, registrations..

Adding on-demand photos is done easiest when you are signed in to your dynotag account via a web browser on a mobile device with a camera.  On iOS and Android, adding a photo will automatically give you the option to take a photo right there and then – and use that photo.

Once you are signed in to your account, on the “My Records” screen, click the orange button for the record you want to manage.

Example: Adding Vaccination Card photos to a Medical ID record.

On the “My Record” screen, click the orange button for that Medical ID record. That will take you to the “Basic Information” section of the record.   Click the “Other Sections” button.

  1. Click the “Vaccinations”  section icon.
  2. Click the “Add Vaccination” button and enter the specifics for that vaccination. 
  3. Wherever you see the “Add Photo” button, you can add a photo. 
    • Click “Add Photo”
    • Click “Upload” if this is the first photo in this photo slot.
    •  Use the device camera to take a nice photo of your well-lit document.  Crop and adjust the photo in the camera app as you see fit. Click “Use this photo” or “Save” at the end to accept the photo.
    • For any existing photo, you can click the photo and will be given the option to “Update” or “Delete” that photo.
  4. You  can add multiple photos. Use that feature to add both sides of the documentation such as a vaccination card.

After clicking the last “Save” you should be all set.

Do perform a test “View” of the record to verify it displays the information as you intended.