FAQ: Tag Password Override

There are cases where you may want to restrict record information visible for certain tags.

For example, assume you have a Medical ID Record with several tags linked to it:

  • A pendant
  • A wallet card
  • A Wristband tag.

Every one of these tags have a different activation key code printed on them and they are linked to your Medical ID record.

By default, ID Records use “Tag” based password security mode, as explained here. This is the default mode as you set your tags and records up, and everything works out of the box.

Here is a complication:

  • You want to get a “Windshield Decal” Medical ID tag, which is attached to your vehicle’s Windshield, so vital information is available to first responders in case of an accident.
  • However, unlike your pendant, wallet card and wristband IDs, the Windshield Decal’s Activation Keycode is in plain sight for all.
  • If you have partitioned information in your medical ID such that the password protected information is not essential for emergency purposes – then you can set the “Do NOT use Activation Key Code on tag for “Password” setting in the Tag Dashboard, Advanced section.

When set, what this will do is NOT offer any viewers of the tag any information that is password protected by that activation key.

Only unprotected information will be displayed.

In these cases, we suggest you verify there is enough information to be useful in the “unprotected” sections.

An alternative would be getting away from using Tag Activation Key Codes as “View Password” but setting your own record based challenge/password. Then, the Activation Key Codes on tags would never be used – as the record has its own challenge/password scheme, as explained here.