FAQ: Password Usage Mode

There are two modes of password protection for records: Tag and Record.

The setting can be found under the “Settings” widget of the Function Panel of the Record Dashboard.

The default is the “Tag” based password mode.

This means the key code on the physical tag is used as the “password” required to view the record.

In other words, viewing the record the tag is linked to requires the key code of the tag being used.

This works well when the tag is on the person of someone, such as a medical ID pendant, etc.

However, if the tag is prominently displayed away from the user’s person – and the password is used to protect sensitive information – then there is a challenge: We don’t want to display an important password in plain sight. In such cases, there is an alternate way: “Record” based password mode.

When the “Record” based password mode is set for an information record, tag key codes are NOT used. Instead, the record has a single password question/answer as set up by the user.

This is useful when a mix of tags is used for a sensitive record, and one of the tags is prone to casual viewing, such as a sticker.

As usual, we suggest you experiment with your settings and make sure the information is accessible to third parties who do NOT know who you are and your specifics.

Examples for a password challenge for a record may be:

Example 1:
Challenge question:
“Please call my cousin BOB at +1.234.5678 to get his birth year”
Challenge answer:

Example 2:
Challenge question:
“Please use the last four digits of my driver’s license – in my wallet”
Challenge answer:

Refrain from using a challenge like “What is 10+1000” with answer “1010” because it does not involve an outside source for the password – and can be used by anyone to view the record…

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