Activating A New Smart ID

Got a minute? Read Lisa Miller’s notes from her first Dynotag Smart ID setup experience…

Or, you can set up your Smart ID right away. It’s a simple 3-step process.

The 1-2-3 Activation Process

You can just visit and the system will guide you through the activation steps

3 simple steps…
  1. Sign into your dynotag account.
    • If this is your first time, you will create a Dynotag account using your email as the account owner. Enter your basic info and when your account is created, you are signed in.
    • If you already have an account, then Sign In using your account email ID.
  2. Activate Your Tag.
    • Enter your tag ID and Activation code.
    • Both pieces of info are visible on the Smart ID package.
  3. “Link” your Smart ID to an Information Record
    When activating your first tag, the system will make it easy for you to just create a new record and link the tag. For subsequent Smart IDs you activate, you will have more choices.

You are done!

Activating Multiple Tags

Once you’ve activated your first ID tag, repeat the process for every new tag by simply choosing Activate Tag from your My Tags page.

NOTE:  If you ordered a set of identical tags (if all your tags have the same ID#), you will only have to activate one tag.  All tags will share the same record.

Common questions are answered on our FAQ page.
Please contact our support team if you need assistance.

Notes on Info Records & Smart Tags

  • Dynotag system keeps all the ID data you enter in special “Information Records“. Smart ID Tags activated into your account are “linked” to an information records.
  • Example “My Records” screen below shows two Medical ID Tags linked to a Medical ID record:
  • To add/update information to an information record, you click the orange button next to it.
  • An information record is organized into “Sections”.
  • You always start editing a record on its “Basic Information” section. Click the  button to view and update other information sections in your record.
  • Every Dynotag Smart ID Tag is owned by a single account.   Only that account can update the information contents and security setup related to that tag.
  • One account can own/hold tags for multiple people (example: Mom manages all the tags for younger kids, as well as grandparents).
  • When a Smart Tag is viewed, it shows the data in the “information record” it is linked.

Note that:

  • An information record can have one or more tags linked to it. This makes setting tags up with identical information easy.
  • A tag can be linked to a single record only.
  • An information record must have at least one tag linked to it. Unlinking the last tag from a record will remove the record.

More information can be found at this article: The “My Records” screen.

Many questions are answered on our FAQ page.
Please contact our support team if you need assistance.