Why Dynotag Super Pet Tags?

shutterstock_51207721 copyDynotag’s smart Super Pet Tag solution brings you all the advanced dynotag features and peace of mind you have come to expect from dynotags!

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Why Dynotag Super Pet Tags?

  • It is a complete pet information management system!
    You can upload a lot more information than the phone number – so it can be used in an emergency situation should the pet need urgent care. Load vaccination, licensing, insurance, medical information. Update whenever you like!  Unlike an embedded chip that requires special equipment to read the information, any web browser can access this information – on a smartphone, tablet or computer.  You can actually attach multiple documents, photos, etc. as needed.
  • Information in a Super Pet Tag is kept in our industrial strength Dynotag Cloud Service – and cannot be lost, even if the physical tag is misplaced. A new physical tag can take over the same information as a “clone” and carry on!
  • The “file cabinet” built into our tags gives you a central place to keep your pet’s vaccination records, medical procedure records, lab results – either by using template documents provided by us – or ones you create yourself!  You can even take a photo of official documents on your phone and load them into the file cabinet on the spot. You can password protect each file individually if desired.
  • You, the owner can update the information in the tag any time you need. This comes in handy on vacations or leaving the pet at a kennel (or both).
  • You receive an instant email notification when the tag is viewed, with precise location of the view when available – as a google map link.  Learn more
  • The information in the tag can be password secured – at different levels of protection.
  • You can give the tag a vanity name such as dynotag.com/a/my_princess that you can easily remember.
  • You can keep a log of your pet’s significant events (vet visits, procedures, etc.) in a logbook that is part of the tag.
  • Affordably priced, dynotags offer all these and many more capabilities for life yet require no recurring payments – as subscription for life is included with the purchase.

These are some of the things possible only with a Dynotag Super Pet Tag…Parson Jack Russell Terrier standing in a park

Not only chipping your pet is far less capable (it just has a unique number, user cannot upload any information – and a special device is needed to read the chip) there are many activist groups asserting that chipping is dangerous for your pet’s health:

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Pets In Need Thank You!

Every Dynotag® Smart Tag purchased contributes to our ShelterAngel charity project, which rewards pet shelter adoptions with free smart tags! Our goal is to raise awareness and help achieve more shelter adoptions!