Emergency SuperAlertID™ Tags


One never knows when important information will be needed in an emergency situation.

  • Do you remember your doctor’s name, your insurance info, supplements or medicines you are taking, any chronic conditions or allergies?
  • Do your loved ones have all this information on them?
  • How will First Responders get access to this information if you are not conscious?
  • How will you know when a loved one’s emergency information is accessed?
  • Can you keep your basic information available and sensitive information secure?

Dynotag has you covered with an extensive selection of tough, purpose built, ready-to-use Emergency Contact Information (ECI) tags, enabled with dynotag’s rich set of features.  Lifetime subscription and lifetime replacement warranty is included in every purchase. Be prepared! No loved one should be without…

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Check out this sample ECI dynotag belonging to (fictional) James T. Kirk:     dynotag.com/a/_Young.Kirk
(_Young.Kirk is a memorable alias name assigned to dynotag.com/1004-5409)

Setup suggestions for the Emergency ID tags can be seen at this  “Best Practices” page. 

All tags are made of proven, tough materials and come with our amazing Dynotag Smart Tag features. Choose from  our selection below!

We offer:

Wallet/Keychain Card Kits!

You get a pair of cards – one for your wallet and another one for the keychain or shoelaces. Either card can be used to access vital information you upload. Wallet card is designed to be exactly the same size as a credit card so you can place it up front in your wallet to grab attention – as first responders will look for information in the wallet.

Keychain / Shoelace Mini Cards

Great for car keychains, shoelaces and bags!

These cards come in unique sets of 3 – meaning they can each be set up for a different individual as needed – or all point to the same information. You decide.

 Military Style Pendant

Tough stainless steel, comes with stainless steel chain, can be worn continuously.

Designed for maximum visibility and toughness, these pendants are made of Stainless Steel and coated with a protective layer.

Stainless Steel, Military Style Wristband Tag

Comes on a tough, Military NATO Style adjustable, highly visible watch band.

Made of specially coated Stainless Steel with an additional clear, protective layer, these tags are tough, easy to wear and impossible to miss by first responders!

ECI Charm, with Adjustable Chain Bracelet 

Includes bonus charms and chain.

This ECI charm includes an adjustable chain bracelet with a lobster clasp!  The ECI Smart Tag charm is is made of coated stainless steel and accompanied by a set of functional as well as a pair of fun charms to clearly convey its purpose to first responders!

Emergency Information Charm with Lobster Clasp 

Small 22mm diameter stainless steel tag –  for use with existing jewelry.

If you already have bracelets or other jewelry that can accommodate the lobster clasp of the ECI Charm Tag, you can get the ECI tag only.

Emergency Information Medallion with Lobster Clasp 

Larger, more visible 30mm diameter,  for use on property, keychain or large jewelry.
A more visible, tougher version of our charm tag. Attach to your purse, keychain, sports bag.

Windshield Decal for your car, truck, RV, boat.

For any vehicle with a windshield!

This decal is made of special UV-resistant cling material that can be applied to any windshield FROM INSIDE and can be clearly read from outside.  An excellent added measure of readiness with critical information about the vehicle and its occupant(s).

Thanks to our customers, we are able to offer Emergency Contact Information tags free of charge to those in need.

Friends-in-NeedThe “Friends in Need” program…

Are you a first responder (such as Medic, Nurse, FireFighter, Doctor, Police, Dispatch)?  Are you a volunteer with basic computer skills and are willing to help homeless or those in need?  We can work together to help!   See program details here.

First-Responders-Appreciation Thank You, First Responders!
We appreciate all you do for the community.

In appreciation, we do have a program offering a complimentary Emergency SuperAlertID tag to first responders!

See offer details at ThankFirstResponders.com

Questions? Email us at support@dynotag.com