Sample Uses

Here you can examine real sample dynotags for different applications.   Before that, you may want to view a simple how-it-works diagram for Product Recovery use case – and Emergency Contact Information use case.

For each example below, you can either scan the QR code for the tag or enter the web address of the tag under the QR code into a web browser window – or – simply click that dynotag’s unique web addressas you are already viewing this page in a web browser!

Every activated Dynotag Smart Tag is “linked” to an information record.

Every Smart Tag has several  “Record Templates” it can support, based on what kind of physical tag it is.

Typically, a tag can create a and link to any of the record templates it supports.  Every Smart Tag has a “default” record template it will create during activation.

A tag can also link to an existing record, making it possible to have redundant information for extra security and visibility purposes.

Possibilities are endless…