Dynotag Templates

Dynotags offer a variety of custom “tag templates” for your use.

Depending on the physical tag you receive, one of these templates will be initially assigned to the tag – so you can get going quickly. You can switch to another template as you edit the tag, simply by clicking “Template” from the menu and choosing another template to be used by that tag.


  • When you receive a “Pet Tag” it will have the “Pet Tag” template pre-assigned to it.
  • When you receive an Emergency Contact Info (ECI) tag, it will have the “ECI Tag” template pre-assigned to it.
  • When you receive Stickers or other property tags, they will have the “Item Tag” template pre-assigned.

As you get more familiar with the extensive capabilities of dynotags, you can manage your tags individually and switch the tag template used to a different type.  For example, you can switch a luggage tag’s tag template from “Item Tag” to “Internet Tag” and point it to your Facebook Page, LinkedIn page, etc.

Here are some of the tag templates supported by Dynotag Cloud Service.  Please note that depending on your physical tag, not all of these templates may be available to you.

To change the Tag Template of tag (assuming you are signed in to your dynotag account and are on the “My Tags” screen):

  • Click on the tag of interest so you are placed on the “Manage” screen of that tag.
  • In the menu, click “Template“. In the pop-up selector, click  new tag template to use.
  • The tag form you are looking at now changes to show fields relevant to the new template. Update the tag contents as you see fit.
  • When done,  click “Save” in the menu area so your altered tag contents are stored.

Here is a list of “Tag Templates” and sample, real tags of each tag type:


Personal Tag:  For your resume, business card, product brochure, flyers, email footer…

Want the flexibility of conveying up-to-date information about yourself, more than a measly couple lines? With a Personal Dynotag, you can keep your title and contact information up to date, even update on the fly as needed!

Impress your colleagues, friends and clients by using a dynotag on your business card. We even explain “how to” in this handy blog article

Example tag:  Philip J. Fry’s Business Card:   dynotag.com/a/PhilipFry



Item Tag:  For your luggage, laptop or anything you can attach a dynotag to, even your fish tank!

Need help finding your belongings? Add a reward note to your cell phone or laptop tag, even
after you’ve lost the item it’s attached to. Note that Lost&Found offices, first responders, security and transportation service staff are required by law to give their best effort to contact you using the information in the tag. A dynotag on your property provides them with that key information.



petTagPet Tag:  For your cat, dog, parakeet, horse or giraffe!

With Dynotag’s SuperPetTag system, this template can work as a complete Pet Record Management System. Add your pet’s basic info such as your contact information and vaccines. Then, use the SuperPetTag functionality to keep your pet’s information organized. If your pet is lost, you can receive an automatic email when the dynotag is viewed by someone.  You will also receive the coordinates of the view – when available. In the meantime, update your pet’s information with up-to-date instructions, post a reward, make sure your contact information is accurate…

Example tag: Lassie’s pet tag: dynotag.com/1000-1433


textTagText Tag:  For your luggage, laptop or anything you can attach a dynotag to!

Dynotag Text Tags are the next generation of sticky notes. Share your notes with your friends with the freedom to update the information in real time over a secure web browser session.

Example tag: Sample text tag:  dynotag.com/1036-1919


carTagCar Tag:  “For your car, truck, boat or airplane!

Now you can share information about your vehicle and record important information such as the service history,VIN number, and insurance carrier. You can update the information throughout the lifetime of the vehicle and never worry about keeping paper records again.

Example tag: Jane’s Keychain Tag attached to her car keys: dynotag.com/1000-8912


eventTagEvent Tag:  Up to the minute information for your special event!

Where’s the party? Choose this template to help get the word out about the date, time, and venue and be able to change the information in real time. Attach the dynotag’s web address and QR code to a flyer or invitation, and let people scan it for more information and to get updates about the event.

Example tag: Pleasantville High School Reunion Event: dynotag.com/1036-1905


internetTagInternet Tag:  Take the viewer directly to your web site, Youtube video or Facebook contact!

Do you want your dynotag to take its viewer directly to your web site? Facebook page? Instagram page? Twitter account?any page on the Internet?  This tag template is the one that will help you do that. Change what it points to as often as you want!

Example tag: This dynotag points to dynotag’s Facebook Page at  https://facebook.com/dynotag    dynotag.com/1036-1926


fileTagFile Tag:  For sharing documents, pictures or just about any file!

Share files easily and securely with dynotag. Upload your resume – or portfolio, for that matter! You can load pictures, music, documents, and the option of using a tag password ensures only authorized users will have access. Receive a notification when the file is accessed! Gold tags allow files up to 50MB,  silver tags 4MB.

Example tag: Photo of a young girl wearing a dinotag t-shirt: dynotag.com/1036-1934


cloneTagClone Tag:  Set up a dynotag so it will simply point out to another dynotag in your account!

A clone tag is a special tag that replicates the information contained in a another dynotag. It essentially directs you to the information held by the second dynotag. This comes in handy when you want the same information to be shown by more than one dynotag… 

Example tag: This tag is a clone of the sample File Tag above, meaning that visiting it will actually show the contents of the other tag.  dynotag.com/1036-1939


DfileTagFile Cabinet Tag:  You can load your tag with multiple documents, pictures or just about any file.

Share files easily and securely with dynotag. Upload multiple files, each of which can be password protected. You can load pictures, music, documents, and the option of using a password for each file ensures only authorized users will have access. Gold tags allow files up to 50MB instead of the Silver 4MB.This template differs from the “File Tag” by having a description and not automatically downloading – but presenting the viewer with the basic tag information – plus a list of attached files.

Example tag: dynotag.com/1036-1951


ECITagEmergency Info Tag:  Critical information is always with you in an emergency situation.

In an emergency situation you may be confused or even unconscious. Having vital information easily accessible to Emergency Response Personnel, Police or Doctors is critical for urgently receiving the correct treatment. You can use this tag to load information of immediate use to first responders. You can password protect the entire tag – or leave it open for easy access but password protect additional files you load into the tag.

Example tag: Young James T. Kirk’s “Amber Alert” level ECI tag.
Note the multiple file attachments.  This tag has an alias assigned by its owner for ease of remembering: dynotag.com/a/_Young.Kirk  – its can also be accessed via its base tag ID dynotag.com/1004-5409


AssetTagAsset Tag:  Create an asset tracking tag.

Asset tags have the fields typically needed for managing assets. Not all fields need to be used. Typically assigned as the initial tag template for asset tracking sticker products.

Example tag: A digital multimeter owned by the IT department: dynotag.com/1036-1956