Protect The Ones You Love!

iStock_000012922371LargeWe often take the good health and well being of our loved ones for granted.  The Emergency Response Personnel know that every second matters during the “Golden Hour” after trauma – and up-to-date, reliable information is invaluable for saving lives!

Are you ready for the unexpected?

  • Do you remember all your vital information? Blood type, allergies, medication?
  • Family doctor’s name,  insurance coverage information?
  • In case of a minor do you have a  permission to provide care on their person?

We face risks every day, all times of the day: Traffic accident? Misstep? Sports accident? Hidden medical condition?

A dynotag SuperAlert ID™ tag will help you and your loved ones be prepared for the unexpected. When your loved one’s tag is viewed, you get an immediate email notification, with location information when present that you can locate on a map. Every dynotag Smart Tag is capable of delivering key information, – with multiple layers of password security  as needed – to keep your sensitive information private – yet instantly available in case of an emergency!

See how they work in this simplified diagram.

Dynotags all share the same advanced technology and core features. The Emergency Contact Information Smart Tag template was developed by dynotag in cooperation with First Responders – to meet and exceed Amber Alert program goals.

You can start simple, loading basic contact and first responder information into the ECI tag. Later on, you can fill in the detailed information documents furnished by Dynotag using your favorite word processor – and upload these files and any other relevant files – into your tag as well.

Here is what our users think:

I could not afford Medic Alert monthly payments and I am so delighted that all Dynotag cost was the purchase of my tag…
By M. F. – for Charm ECI Tag
Dynotag is a fabulous idea! I could not afford Medic Alert monthly payments and I am so delighted that all Dynotag cost was the purchase of my charm.No monthly payments! I have heart problems and take a lot of medication for that and if I am unable to speak Dynotag speaks for me to emergency personnel. All they have to do is scan the QR emblem with their Phone and my site will open up with my picture and all my medical info. Dynotag is Dynomite!

A hit in the ER!
By P.- for Charm ECI Tag
Worked when I needed it to! The staff in the ER were so impressed they plan to look into getting these for themselves!

Best Medical Alert Ever!
By A.C. – for Charm ECI Tag
Excellent product…easy to use and small enough to fit on my watch. Great idea!


Scan or Click on the following real sample dynotag ECI tags to see how you can use your ECI tag…

      • A dynotag Emergency Contact Information Card
        Jane Tagger’s Simple ECI Tag)
        1000-8175, MB3F, a/Sample-ECI-tag

      • Another dynotag Emergency Contact Information Card
        This one is an Amber Alert Capable Emergency Info Tag for young James T. Kirk   (this tag has an easy to remember alias name – a standard dynotag feature)  (this is the actual tag ID)

You can see more sample tags on our Sample Uses page …

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Canine companion

Also – for our four-legged family members, we offer a nice selection of Pet Tags – about which you can  learn more here!