Scanning QR codes

First of all, note that in order to view a dynotag,  a QR reader is NOT required. All one needs to view the tag is using any web browser to visit the unique web address printed on the tag as as  This way, there is no burden on the person finding the tag load a special QR app, get a smartphone, etc.  Any modern web browser will work.

The QR code on a dynotag smart tag simply encodes that dynotag’s unique web address in a machine readable form for QR apps to read – as a means of hands-free convenience for smart phones.

There are a variety of factors determining the QR code scan success rate:

  • QR scanner app being used (apps vary greatly in capabilities and usability!)
  • Light conditions / view angle/ distance from the QR code
  • The model and power of the phone (camera resolution / processor power). As expected, later model phones can be more capable in scanning QR codes.

We find the free “neomedia” scanner app is superior to others in speed and accuracy – hence we recommend using that scanner app even if you have others loaded on your smartphone.

Some QR scanner apps launch the default web browser automatically, others ask for your permission. So – all the QR code scan does is saves you typing the web address of the smart tag into a browser manually-  that’s it.

Your Smart Tag contents are maintained by DCS (Dynotag Cloud Service) that is available 24/7 so anyone visiting your Smart Tag’s unique web address can get the information you entered.

You can verify this yourself by visiting the unique web address of your Smart Tag from a web browser  (Note: go to homepage first and make sure you are not signed-in  so the system treats you as an ordinary viewer, not the owner).

While anyone can visit the web address and see the contents, only you, the tag owner can update the contents and see when the tag was accessed by signing into your dynotag account and clicking on the tag of interest…

Capable, modern QR reader software, once realizing that the scanned QR code contains a web address, displays this web address and gives the user the option to navigate into that web address.  It is also possible to configure some QR reader applications to directly jump into the web address.

Some older QR scan apps or apps that implement the QR scan function as an add-on and sometimes do not give the app user the option to launch the web address in a browser.

There are many free QR readers but we compiled a list of them for your convenience. A search for “QR” in the App Store of your platform should present you with more choices, most of them free!

Depending on your phone or tablet OS, you may try the following choices (there are many more out there):

Also note that the “google” app available on some platforms as well as the “Bing viewer” app available on new Windows Mobile phones can recognize and decode QR codes.