Scanning QR codes

In Short:

Need a free QR code reader app?   While viewing a dynotag does not require a QR scanner (just visit the web address printed on every tag), QR scanners are convenient when using mobile devices because they eliminate the need to type a web address on the screen keyboard – which may be tedious.

  • Did you know that iPhones, iPads and iPods can now automatically read QR codes in the Camera App? This is built into iOS so there is nothing to install.
  • Similarly, Android phones can use the free Google Lens app to read QR codes as built-in functionality. If not built-in, it’s a simple download from Google Play. Many new Android phones come with the Camera app already capable of reading QR codes as well.

In Detail:

Note that in order to view a dynotag,  a QR reader app is NOT required.
All one needs to view the tag is using a web browser to visit the unique web address printed on the tag as as .  This way, there is no burden on the person finding the tag to load a special tag app, get a smartphone, etc.  Any modern web browser will work.

The QR code on a dynotag smart tag simply has that dynotag’s unique web address in a machine readable form that  QR reader apps to easily read. They then automatically launch a web browser session visiting that address – as a means of  convenience for smartphones.

There are a several factors involved in a successful QR code scan:

  • QR scanner app being used (apps vary greatly in capabilities and usability!)
  • Light conditions / view angle/ distance from the QR code
  • The model and power of the phone (camera resolution / processor power). As expected, later model phones are more capable in scanning QR codes.

If your device does not come with a QR reader app – or you don’t  find your device’s built-in QR reader app satisfactory – simply visit the App Store for your device and search for “QR Reader”.

We suggest you install a couple highly rated ones and experiment with them.   Please avoid apps that splatter the screen with ads – which can be confusing.  Also, please remember to give only CAMERA permission to a QR app – they should NOT need any privilege other than that.   Any app that tries to read your contact list, etc. should not be installed in most circumstances.

While anyone can visit the web address and see the contents, only you, the tag owner can update the record contents.  You can also sign into your dynotag account and view the “Access log” of any of your records.