Tag View Log and View Notification Emails

Dyotag Smart IDs come with advanced “View Logging” capabilities.

Every time a tag is viewed, the system displays the contents of the Info Record the tag is attached to are displayed.

For example, user Lisa miller

  • Has a SuperAlertID MedID pendant with ID 1234-5678,
  • Lisa’s tag is attached to Lisa’s Medical ID record named “Lisa Miller -Medical ID”

Now, imagine Lisa’s Medical ID pendant is viewed (either by scanning the QR code or visiting the web address dynotag.com/1234-5678)

The Dynotag System does the following:

  • Look up the information record attached to tag 1234-5678
  • If a record is found, display its contents in accordance with record’s security settings.
  • At that time, IF in the record’s “View Notification” settings
    • Ask Viewer’s Browser for Location Information” is set (default), t
      then the viewer will be requested to share the device location.
      The viewer may either accept or decline this request.
  • Then, the the record’s “View Notification” settings will be inspected for:
    • Email when viewed
      • Always – An email will be sent for every viewing of the record.
      • Never – No email will be sent.
      • Password entered or not required – An email will be sent only if the record contents can be viewed. If the contents were not displayed, no email will be sent.

By default, the information record settings are as follows: (email name can be set by owner – will default to account owner notification email).

A record’s Access Log is where all the view events are logged for the record. Because a record can have multiple tags attached to it, the Tag ID used to view the record is shown.

In view events where the viewer shares the location of the device used, a map link is attached to the log, with estimated precision.

When the location request is declined, the system logs the viewer’s IP address and a rough guess of where the view took place.

In all cases, the time of the view event is logged.

Under certain conditions, there may be a lot of view notification events, each of them ending up in an email. In order to prevent flooding of such messages, your “My Account” page has a setting under the “Advanced” section at the bottom: Max Emails Per Hour. This number is used to limit the maximum number of View Notification emails the system will send in one hour.

For example, if the limit is 5 messages/hour and there are 8 view events, you will receive 5 view notification messages, then remaining messages will be bundled together and be sent the following hour as a single message.