FAQ: Testing Your Tags


You can and should test your tags for proper setup and operation.  There is a quick preview facility as you manage/edit your tag under the menu item “Test View”.  For a full test of the tag, recommended procedure is scanning its QR code of your tag on a third party mobile device.  This can be a smartphone or tablet with a QR reader app. Please make sure that on this test device you are NOT signed into your dynotag account – so the Dynotag Cloud Service treats it as a view-only access of your tag.


After loading your tag with relevant information,  for the tag to obtain precise location information from its viewers,  its “Ask Viewer’s Browser for Location Information” checkbox should be set (it is on by default). You can find that setting checkbox in your tag’s “Manage” view, under the “Advanced” settings at the bottom of the tag’s setup page.

When you are signed in to your dynotag account, the dynotag system recognizes your browser session in “owner” mode, meaning when you view your tags, you view them as the owner, not a third party person.

Best way to test and verify the operation of your tags is viewing your tags using a different web browser (the one on your tablet or smartphone, for instance) or simply sign out of your dynotag account – then entering the address of your dynotag on the address bar – or even better, scanning its QR code on a smartphone. Only then you will be treated as a “third party” viewing the tag.

When viewing a dynotag as a third party, in order to supply precise location information to the dynotag service, please answer “Yes” when the browser indicates “dynotag.com would like to get your location” or similar message.

Whenever a dynotag’s content is accessed by a third party viewer, the dynotag service does the following:

  • If the tag has “Ask Viewer’s Browser for Location Information” enabled, ask the viewing device for precise location information, which is GPS assisted for smart phones.
  • If the tag is “Gold” level (all consumer retail dynotags are) and it has “Email when viewed” is set, send an “access notification e-mail” to the owner of the tag, providing precise location information – if supplied by the device viewing the tag.
  • Enter an “Access log” entry for that tag, including time and any precise location information – if supplied by the device viewing the tag. The owner of the tag can view its access log by selecting the tag and clicking “access log” from the menu.

Most consumer dynotags are “Gold” level. Gold tags show with a gold colored tag icon in your “My Tags” list.

The owner of the tag can always see the detailed access log, with a zoomable map, simply by  a) signing in to the account and b) clicking on the tag of interest on “my tags” page and choosing “Access Log” from the menu.

For a detailed description of how  location tracking works, please see this FAQ article