FAQ: Testing Your Tags

You should “Test View”  the information in your Smart IDs every time you update them. 

This will take you through the exact experience of what a third party – such as a police officer, paramedic or Good Samaritan – and show what they would see when they scan or visit the ID tag.

You will get a chance to adjust the security setup of your Smart ID as to what sections, if any, are visible when a linked tag is scanned.  Repeat the test view action after every change to your Smart ID.

Testing your Smart ID  is easy:

  • On “My Records” page, there is a “view” button next to every Tag ID .
    Clicking it will open another browser window and let you view the Smart ID contents just like another person seeing your smart tag for the first time.
  • Make sure the information displays correctly, and security settings work as you expect.
  • Note that if applicable, you will receive “view notifications” for your test views…

Alternatively, on the “Record Dashboard” there is a  “View Record” action which guides you to view your record via any of its linked tags.

You can also use the “Test view” of your Smart ID to get a printout of the information in your smart ID.

On the “view” screen,  enter any password if needed, then you can expand the record sections of interest and obtain a printout – by clicking the Print  button near the top right of the view screen: 

To display all available sections in the view, click the Show All  button.