FAQ: Control “View Notifications”

Stop unsolicited “View Notification” emails.

At Dynotag, we absolutely do not share your email addresses or other tag information, however,  unless you password protect your tags, they are in “public” mode and their content them can be viewed by anyone who has the tag ID.

We will explain the potential cause and suggest a simple solution to your concern. If you want, you can skip to the section “Suggested solution” below or read the background first.


Your dynotags have their private web addresses which enable you to share them electronically, by simply making their unique web address available in emails, text messages, social media posts and so on…

As a side effect, anyone who somehow has or mistypes your tag’s web address can access it – physical proximity is not required. Under some circumstances, Google and other crawlers, when they learn of your tag address, will check it periodically – causing these notifications. Even sharing the tag information in certain email programs may cause any web addresses contained in the email to be probed. This goes unnoticed in most cases but the difference with dynotags is – we let you know…

We have many users who use the their dynotags as a “Diary” for their pets, belongings, etc. and share the tag’s private address publicly via Facebook, etc. – then watch friends from around the world “view” the contents – while observing each individual access on the tag’s “Access Log” and world wide map.

Dynotags offer multiple levels of privacy protection features to tag owners, ranging from “Disabling” a tag if it is not in use – so no one can view it until the owner “Enables” the tag, Password protecting the access to the tag – or password protecting parts of information in a tag while leaving other information accessible. A lot of control, which may be a little confusing at first.

By default, most new tags are in “Not Password Protected” mode – as that mode has the advantage of offering tag information quickly to anyone viewing the tag.

Suggested solution:

Your dynotag smart tag has a simple password mechanism when you want to make the tag only viewable to those who can hold the tag physically: Turn the “Password Protect” feature on. By default, the password used is the “Activation Code” on the tag – which requires the viewer to enter the activation code printed on the tag.

Note that for stickers – you may have to assign a new password/hint as the activation code is not printed on each sticker product. We suggest a simple hint/password like: hint: “What is 2+2?” and setting the password as “4”.

Follow these steps to turn the password protection on for a tag:

  1. Sign into your dynotag account.
  2. On the “My Records” page, click on the record your tag is attached to. 
    This will take you to that record’s dashboard.
  3. Click on the  Record Access Control   widget,  which is  at  level  green
         Not Password Protected
    And select  level yellow

         Password Protected

  4. Click “Save” when done. Your record and all its attached tags are now password protected..

From that point forward, viewing the tag will require entering the tag password.   

Web crawlers and other software robots cannot pass the password challenge – hence cannot access your tag and cause extraneous “view notification” emails…

You can learn more about our security capabilities here.

More about “Access Log” entries and “View Notification Emails” here.