FAQ: Changing the Account Owner Email Address

When a new Dynotag account is created, the system creates an internal, unique User ID number, and associates that User ID number with the sign-in email address used for the account.

Under certain conditions, a Dynotag account owner may want to change the login email address.

This may be due to change of email service providers, change of employment, deciding to delegate ownership of the Smart IDs in the account to another person or entity – and so on…

In the Dynotag system This is a straightforward operation:

  • Sign in to your account using your “current owner email address”
  • Go to “My Account” page
  • Update the “Login email address” with the “NEW email address” and click “Save”

You are done…

The system will send a verification email to the “NEW email address” in order to confirm you can receive email at that address. Clicking the link in that verification email will mark your account as “Email address verified”.

Please note that

… there should be NO user account in the system that already uses the “NEW email address”. If there is, the email address change will not be successful.

If you had previously created an empty account with the “NEW email address” – please first sign into that account and DELETE that account as described here. Then, sign into your existing account, and perform the update as described above.