Linking a Tag to Another Record

In the Dynotag System, the Information Records store the content – the Tags are linked to Information Records – and display the content of the information record they are linked.

This separation of information content and physical tags makes the system flexible and makes it easy to link more tags to an Information Record as needed.

During Smart ID Activation

When you activate a new Smart ID Tag, you can take the default options and the system will automatically create an Information Record for your Smart ID Tag and link it to that record.

For example, if you are activating a physical Smart ID that is designed as a Medical ID product, the system will automatically create a Medical ID record and link the tag to it.

For example, user Lisa Miller purchases a SuperAlert® Wallet Card Medical ID Tag and activates it into her account. The system asks if she’d like to create a new Medical ID record – and she answers “Yes”, ending up with a Medical ID record for “Lisa Miller” and a tag linked to it.

Later on, Lisa Miller purchases a SuperAlert® Aluminum Med ID Pendant Tag and activates it. During activation, she is given the option of creating a new Medical ID record – or link to an existing one. She picks the latter option and links the tag to her existing “Lisa Miller” Medical ID.

After Activation

You can see all your Information Records and their linked tags listed on the “My Records” screen.

Clicking the orange colored button of an Information Record takes you to the “Record Dashboard” – where you can view/manage the content of the Information Record as well as adjust various settings and preferences.

Clicking the gray colored Tag ID button takes you to the “Tag Dashboard” which is rarely used after activation but enables you to view/manage the tag characteristics as well as linking/unlinking it to Information records.

– A Smart ID Tag can be linked to a single Information Record only.
– An Information Record can have several Smart ID tags linked to it.

Click the Tag ID button you want to update. This will bring up the tag’s “Tag Dashboard” as shown below

  • As the tag is already linked,to a record, you will have to “unlink” it first.
  • Once unlinked, you will be given the option to either create a brand new record OR link the tag to one of the existing records of the same type. Click the radio button to make your choice and click “Save” on top.
  • While the tag is not linked, the “Advanced” section can be expanded to show the “Record Type” selector. This enables your tag to switch to a different record template. For example, you can change a “Pet Tag” to become an “Internet Tag” or an “Item Tag” and deal with these kinds of records from then on.

Note that

– A tag can be unlinked from the record it is linked to. It would become “Parked”, shown in the list of unliked tags, on top of the “My Records’ screen.

A record needs at least one tag linked to it. Unlinking the last linked tag would delete the orphaned record. Your confirmation will be requested prior to deletion.