Attaching a Tag to Another Record

When you activate a new tag, you can take the default options and the system will automatically create an info record for your tag and attach the tag to it.

For example, if you are activating a physical tag that is designed as a Medical ID tag, the system will automatically create a Medical ID record and attach the tag to it.

Alternatively, either during the initial activation OR anytime after, you can change the tag’s record attachment.

Click the Tag ID button you want to update. This will bring up the tag’s “Dashboard”.

You can now choose another existing record and attach the tag to it by using the “Record Attachment Action” selector.

Note that the contents of the “Record Attachment Action” selector vary based on the currently selected “Record Type”

After making your choice, click the “Save” button on top of the screen to apply the changes.

In this example, Lisa Miller is working on her “Aluminum Medical ID Pendant” – which is currently attached to her Medical ID info record.

Lisa Miller, like many moms out there, manages all the Medical ID Smart Tags for the family.

She ordered a different color she’d like try so she is planning to pass her Pendant on to existing Medical IDs for her spouse “John Miller” or son “David Miller” .

All she has to do is choose & click one of their Medical Record names and save.

Or, Lisa can decide keep her current pendant as a backup – and when her new pendant arrives, she can attach it to her existing “Medical ID info – Lisa Miller” record.

Which record you attach your tag does not make any changes on the attached record – so there is no risk of information loss. You can always change your mind and try a different configuration.

Dynotag SuperID™ Smart Tags make it easy for you to set your smart tags up based on your preferences.