Connect With Your Audience

Dynotags can effectively help you connect with your audience.

  • Full Sheet Tags – 2 full page (8.5″x 11″) sized giant tags.
  • Half Sheet Tags – 4 half page sized large tags.
  • Circular Tags – 6 3.33″ round tags
  • Dynonotes  Smart Sticky Notes – another industry first!
  • “Flex” Tags are fully functional dynotags that do not come with any physical tags. You create them on-demand while signed into your dynotag account and use them for your specific purposes such as
    • Business cards
    • Banner

Use cases:

  • Schools
    • Post room schedule on the classroom door, personalize/share unique web address in emails.
    • Post GYM schedule on the door
    • Post Auditorium information on the door
    • Post teachers’ notes on the door.
  • Businesses
    • Meeting room schedules, information
    • Presentation notes
    • Information re. rotating offerings (menu, etc.)
    • Announcements
  • Trade Conference
    • Virtual Brochure bundle
    • Virtual Business Cards
  • Real Estate
    • Never run out of brochures again!
  • Personal
    • Business Cards with Dynotags
      Check out this blog article on setting yours up!
      These may be the last business cards you will need!