Introductory Free Gifts

A complimentary gifting program for dynotag users.

As a dynotag user, you already know how innovative and useful dynotags are.


Now, you can send a FREE gift to your friends and loved ones to introduce them to benefits of dynotags – at no cost to you or the recipient.  Even shipping is  free!

Simply sign into your dynotag account and click “Send Free Gifts!

We have various programs in effect over time. Your account status determines which gifting programs are available.

We’ll ship your gift via USPS – directly to recipient. This is a real dynotag product, with all the capabilities and lifetime recovery service + warranty!

It’s easy!

  1. You: Click the “Send Gift” button for the gift you want to send. You will be shown a sample email with your private GIFT link in it.  Share the GIFT link you get by email or social sharing.
  2. Recipient: Receiving the GIFT link, visit it to enter USPS mailing address for the  free gift
  3. DynotagSends the gift via USPS First Class Mail.
    Upon receipt, gift tag is activated by recipient like any other dynotag.

Program details & requirements

– You can send as many FREE gifts as you want to different friends.
– Recipients should be 13 years or older, with their own email address.
– Offer is currently valid in the U.S. only.
– Recipients must be new dynotag users.
– Limit one per household.
– While supplies last.

Why is Dynotag offering this program?

Word of mouth from our customers has been the leading source of new users joining the Dynotag family and setting up with a variety of smart tags.

Given that we want to spread the word – we came up with a win-win idea:  Enabling our users to send a free a dynotag product as an Introductory Gift!  Make a friend happy with a free gift they surely will enjoy, and get good karma in return! Amazingly, your friends will be able to send free gifts themselves as soon as they activate their brand new complimentary dynotag!

We know that once people discover the virtues of dynotags, they use them in other facets of their life, such as Luggage/Property Tags, Emergency Information Tags, Pet Tags and so on. “Word of mouth” has already been our best advertising, so when our users send gifts to friends, they introduce dynotag and extend the good will – with an actual product – so we grow the family!

Your friend will get PEACE OF MIND and protect against ID Theft, knowing their keys or valuable gear can find its way back to them when lost…

Your gift, like all dynotags,  features advanced, patented DynoIQ technologies!

  • Tough & maintenance free: Uses no batteries or electronics
  • Reward for Return – included!
  • Lifetime Service – included!
  • Owner is auto-notified via email when tag is viewed.
  • Simple to use – advanced features available when needed.
  • No app required: Works via web browser to setup or view on phones, tablets or PCs!
  • Works anywhere on the planet with Internet.

Brighten a friend’s day with a complimentary dynotag: A gift that truly keeps  on giving!