In Simple Terms

SuperIDS™ by Dynotag: The Smart Way to Protect Everything You Value!

Lifelong protection for loved ones and valuable gear! Securely sets up in a minute, protects for life! You’ll wonder how you lived without it!

SuperID™ Smart Tag instantly displays contact and other relevant information you enter. 

With hundreds of thousands of tags in service, Dynotag® is the leading company providing maintenance-free smart tags with offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Developed in cooperation with First Responders, dynotags are trusted by leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and others around the world.

Tough and maintenance free!
Dynotags require NO electronics or batteries.

Advanced DynoIQ™ Features work anywhere with Internet!

  • PATENTED technology, industry leading features.
  • Powered 7/24 by DCS: Dynotag Cloud Service!
  • Owner is auto-notified via email when tag is viewed.
  • Simple to use – advanced features available when needed.
  • No app required: Works via web browser to setup or view the tag on phones, tablets or PCs!

Leader in variety: Largest selection of smart tags in the world!

Professionally designed tags to make your property stand out!

What is a dynotag smart tag?
  • A plain tag is a physical item with information attached to it, such as a luggage tag with a name/address are to write on.
  • A dynotag, on the other hand, is a special tag that keeps its information in the Dynotag Cloud Service “DCS“. The physical dynotag itself contains information linking it to DCS .  Every dynotag has a unique serial number in the Dynotag Cloud Service.  DCS service is a set of programs running on computers located in data centers.
  • Think of it as a giant storehouse of sticky notes in the sky, every note has a serial number (unique address).  You ask DCS for the information on a specific serial number- it gives you back the information in that note.
What’s all that square dots image called “QR code” and other text on the dynotag?

Think of that QR code as computer-readable text.  It looks like a scramble of dots but a smartphone with a QR reader app using its camera can “read” the text in that QR code. Both the QR code and other text on the dynotag contain the private web address of your tag’s  information in the Dynotag Cloud Service – instead of the information itself.  So – your tag is viewed by simply visiting that web address on a web browser – a smartphone to read the QR code is not required – but works also.

So – I don’t need a smartphone that can read that QR code to use the dynotag?

No!  Any modern web browser can view the tag.  The QR code is just a convenience  for smartphones – so they don’t have to type the web address in by hand!  All scanning the QR code does is – start the web browser on that phone – to open the web address of the dynotag.

So – you don’t have a “dynotag app” I need to download?

No!  We specifically designed the Dynotag service to not require a specialized application – so anyone  can view its contents when they see your tag and want to contact you.  Use one of the many of free QR reader applications to scan the QR code. We suggest the NeoReader QR reader application from your app store. It is free, available for all major smartphones and works better than others we have seen.

How do I set up my account and activate my dynotags then?

As the tag owner, when you sign into your free dynotag account, a our web application is loaded into your web browser – but you do not have to be mindful of that. It works like an ordinary web page – and we have documentation and tutorials to show you how to get your account, how to activate and set up your dynotag, etc.  Once you activate your tag and add it into your account – it is yours and yours alone. It cannot be activated again by anyone else.

Why is this “Dynotag Smart Tag” a good thing compared to a plain old tag?

With dynotags, you get “Peace of Mind” from knowing that you are prepared for an emergency.

You also get access to a set of innovative technologies called DynoIQ™

  • Put as much information as you need on your tag, not just a line of text.
  • The information loaded into the dynotag service cannot be lost – and you can share it via e-mail, etc., even without using the physical tag. For example, check all these sample, real dynotags on this page. You can view them despite not having the physical tag.
  • You can change the information on your tag at any time, using a web browser on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone! You do not even have to be next to your tag! If you lose your luggage, you can update the info in your tag after the fact, put up a reward, address of the hotel you are staying at, etc.
  • You get to keep all your dynotags nicely organized in one place:  Your free dynotag account!
  • Only you, the owner of the tag, can update the tag contents – when you are signed in to your dynotag account. Everyone else can only “view” what you choose to share.
  • With dynotag’s “Tag Templates” you can get your tags to carry all kinds of information, ranging from a simple line of text – to multiple files, images, documents – uploaded right from your computer. There is always an initial default template – so you do not have to worry about this. Just get going, then update as you see fit.
  • You can protect your tag with a password, if you wish. That way, viewers must enter the password for the tag when they attempt to view its contents. You can even protect your attached files (if any), with a different password for each file.
  • With our ready-to use consumer tags, when someone else views your dynotag, you immediately get an automatic notification e-mail, indicating that your tag is viewed. The location of the viewer is included if the viewer makes that information available…
  • Dynotags are really “smart”, actively doing things like sending you notification emails, maintaining reminders, maintaining a log book and many other things that are done by our cloud service. Moreover, dynotags get smarter and more capable over time, with no effort required from you…
  • Many, many other features – that you can even imagine having with an ordinary tag. See a full list of features here.
What do I have to do for the upkeep of the tag? Is there a subscription?
  • Your dynotag is maintenance-free, because it  has no  batteries, no complicated electronics or fragile circuitry.  
  • Your dynotag is built tough and resilient. It is waterproof, impact proof, UV-proof.
  • There is NO subscription charge for a dynotag. Lifetime subscription for the tag is included in your initial purchase. You have all the advanced features of the dynotag for life.
  • Warranty replacements for life is included- unlimited warranty replacements for any reason! – see
  • REWARD for return – included with every tag!
    Our “Good Samaritan” program provides incentive rewards to expedite recovery!
  • Help make the world a better place:
    With every dynotag, you help charity operations:
    Shelter Angel (Free Pet tags for adopted pets)
    Friends In Need and Thank First Responders! (Free AlertID tags)
That sounds pretty cool!   What kind of tags do you offer? I want to get what I need and not spend a lot of time with details!

We offer the largest variety of purpose-built smart tags in our class. Each kind of dynotag we offer was built for a certain kind of application and has the proper defaults, etc. in place – so you can set them up in a minute or less to get going, and update as you wish later on. You can find more info about US offerings here.

Where can I get these dynotags?

You can get them in the U.S.,  Canada and U.K. through our partners. Learn more here

In the U.S. we sell through and integrate with their warehousing for rapid shipment of our tags to customers. All our tags  qualify for 2-day Prime delivery and come with a satisfaction guarantee! 

I have questions!  How do I get a hold of you guys?
  • Best way is to send us an e-mail at for general information, and if you have product support questions.
  • Want to resell dynotags? Contact

We can make dynotags with your colors, logo and your banners in the software. Great for conventions, customer loyalty, internal team building, fund raisers and private label resellers. Contact for information!