How2: Upgrade a Record

A record’s owner can upgrade the record to enhance its functionality.


All Dynotag SuperIDs come with lifetime subscription included.

During its activation, a SuperID tag is either
– Linked to an existing Information Record, or
Creates the Information record it will be linked to (this is the common case)

Dynotag SuperID Information Records have two functionality levels:

  • GOLD: These are full-functionality records, with some of the more advanced functionalities enabled.
  • SILVER: These are capable records with a smaller storage footprint and a feature set, intended for economical bulk applications.

You can see the detailed feature comparison on the “Pricing” page.

The type of SuperID product determines what kind of records it can create – and what the record capabilities will be.


  • By default, a Property SuperID, such as a Luggage Tag, Keychain Tag or Property Tag creates a GOLD level Item Record.
    It can also create Notepad, Vehicle, File record types – but it cannot create a Medical ID record.
  • An Asset Label SuperID, such as bulk activated Asset Sticker Sheets – by default create an Asset Record at the cost-effective SILVER level. It has all the basic functionality but a smaller footprint and lacks certain functionality such as LogBooks, view notification, etc.

Why upgrade

There are times when you may want to “Upgrade’ a record.

Typically, a SILVER level Asset Record may need access to GOLD level functionality such as “LogBook” or needs more file storage space.

In other cases, a GOLD level Record may need more file storage. An upgrade may provide additional storage – to increase the record’s storage quota.

How to upgrade

Dynotag upgrades are performed by applying Dynotag “Credits” as follows:

Get Credits

Credits can be purchased individually by clicking “Credits” icon on the “Home” page.

The “Credit” system enables bundles of credits to be obtained economically. Once obtained, the credits do not expire.

Once you obtain credits, your “Credits” icon displays the available number of credits.

Upgrade a record

Now that you have credits, select the record you want to upgrade in “My Records” screen.

When you are on the record’s “Record Dashboard” screen, the left menu will have the “Upgrade” action available.

When a SILVER level record is being upgraded, you get the dialog box

Clicking “Yes” will perform the upgrade and deduct one credit.

In the Record Dashboard, clicking the “Details” icon on the Function Pane will show the current subscription level and file quota – as well as a list of files with footprint they are consuming.

Note that the “Upgrade” functionality is available directly from the “Details” panel.