How2: Log Book


The “Log Book” feature, a “Gold” level feature of dynotags, enables the tag owner to attach a maintenance/visitor log book to any dynotag.  By default, this feature is turned off.

There are many uses of Log Book, depending on the physical tag they are used on.

  • On a sticker, the Log Book can be used as a maintenance recorder. Attach one to your vehicle, HVAC, lawn mower, boat, refrigerator – anything you need maintenance records on.
  • On an Emergency Info Tag, the Log Book can be used to record your physician visit dates and any significant events you may want to record. You can keep such records safe for your viewing only by keeping them hidden from third parties – so only the tag owner can “see” them. See the “Moderate Log Book” setting below.
  • On a property tag such as a luggage tag or a keychain tag, you can use LogBook to record maintenance events, loss/recovery events and even well wishes from friends  – as a visitor log.
  • On a pet tag, the Log Book can be used as  a recorder of significant events for your pet, such as veterinarian visits, immunizations, grooming records, etc.

Usage example

In this “How to” hands-on example, we use two different web browsers – one on a laptop and another one on a smartphone.  Because there are multiple steps involved, we suggest you replicate the step on a tag you own – as you read the document. Please note that the Tag IDs given in the examples are not real – just placeholders. We suggest you experiment with one of your tags as you can enable/disable LogBook feature on demand for any “Gold” level tag.

Note that one can use two different browsers on the same laptop if need be – as long as they are different browsers (such as Chrome and Firefox) and one is signed-in (laptop role) and the other one is not signed-in to dynotag (the smartphone role).

We will work with a test tag that has no content other than its title “Logbook Test”. Its web address in this example is 

(not a real link, just a placeholder name)

  • On our laptop web browser, we are signed into as this tag’s owner.
  • On our smartphone browser – we are NOT signed into

First, on the laptop, we want to turn Log Book on for this tag.

  • In “my tags” we select the tag of interest.
  • We manage the tag, enable its logbook and “Save”


  • We use another, unrelated browser on our phone, to look up this tag.
  • Note that we are NOT signed in to on this phone browser, so we will be treated by the dynotag system as a third party viewer, not the owner. When we visit the tag’s web address on this phone we see it is enabled for LogBook but has no entries.

On the phone, we add a log entry and “Save”, resulting in the following series of screens.

  • First visit “” on the phone’s browser.


  • Click “Add Log Book Entry” and enter “Test log entry 1”


  • Click “Save”


  • Note that as the third party, all we can do is add another logbook entry.
  • We cannot change the one we entered.
  • The timestamp is automatically added by the system ­ so it is also unalterable once the entry is added.

Now ­ back to the web browser on the laptop.

While managing the tag we are testing, we click “Log Book” from the operations menu on the left.


  • This, in turn displays the LogBook as follows. Note that, as the owner, we can Hide or Delete individual LogBook entries.
  • We cannot, however, update their contents, even as the owner.
  • The idea is no one can update the contents so the log entries can be used as trusted text when they are used for equipment maintenance, etc.



Also note that as the owner, you have more settings you can fine tune on a tag’s Log Book.

  • The “Moderate LogBook” setting, when enabled, accepts logbook entries but does not display them on the tag until the “tag owner” accepts the logbook entry.
  • The “Email when log entries added” setting does exactly what it says, notifying the tag owner every time a log entry is added.
  • The “Log Password’ facility introduces password protection for third party viewers attempting to enter a LogBook entry.


Let’s see what adding a log entry looks like now on the phone…

  • Click “Add Log Book Entry”


  • We now have a password challenge field shown above the log content entry field.


  • If the password challenge is failed, LogBook entry is not accepted.


  • With the correct password, LogBook entry is accepted but not shown yet, pending owner review – because the owner has enabled “Moderate Log Book” on this tag.


First of all, because we enabled “Email when log entries are added” selection for this tag, we received a notification e-mail from the dynotag service as soon as the log entry was saved  (tag ID shown is not real, just a placeholder).

From: <>
Date: 2016-02-21 10:41 GMT-08:00
Subject: Dynotag: Logbook Test new log entry

Your tag
"Logbook Test" (id: a/LogBookTest, 9000-1954) has the following new log entry.

Test entry 2
  • Going back to the laptop browser, where we are signed in as the owner, looking at the LogBook we see:


  • “Test entry 2” is accepted but is hidden, waiting for us, the tag owner to “Show” it.
  • Clicking “Show” we see


  • From that moment on, “Test entry 2” becomes visible to third party viewers also.
  • Visiting the tag on the smartphone browser now shows