How2: Log Book


The “Log Book” feature, a “Gold” level feature of dynotags, enables the tag owner to attach a maintenance/visitor log book to a Dynotag Smart ID.  By default, this feature is turned off.

There are many uses of Log Book, depending on the physical tag they are used on.

  • On a sticker ID, the Log Book can be used as a maintenance recorder. Attach one to your vehicle, HVAC, lawn mower, boat, refrigerator – anything you need maintenance records on.
  • On a Medical ID, the Log Book can be used to record your physician visit dates and any significant events you may want to record. You can keep such records safe for your viewing only by keeping them hidden from third parties – so only the tag owner can “see” them. See the “Moderate Log Book” setting below.
  • On a Smart Property ID,  such as a luggage tag or a keychain tag, you can use LogBook to record maintenance events, loss/recovery events and even well wishes from friends  – as a visitor log.
  • On a Smart Pet ID, the Log Book can be used as  a recorder of significant events for your pet, such as veterinarian visits, immunizations, grooming records, etc.

Usage example

In order to use a Log Book, you first have to “Enable” the functionality on the specific record.

That is done by

  1. Clicking the record’s button on “My Tags” screen
  2. In the “Record Dashboard”, click the “Settings” icon settings, and expanding the “Logbook” section.
  3. Click “Enable Log Book” and click “Save” on top.

Your record now has the log book enabled.

From this point forward, anyone viewing the record through an linked tag will see a “Log Book” button on the view page.

Clicking this button will take the viewer to a page where they can add a log entry:


It is simple…

The record owner has the following enhancements available by clicking options in the Record’s Dashboard Settings widget:

  • Moderate Log Book:
    This enables the record owner to review each log entry before accepting it into the log.
  • Email When Log Entries Added:
    This enables the record owner to receive a notification email every time a log entry is added.
  • Log Password / Hint.
    This protects the Log Book from unauthorized entries. The viewer will have to enter a password designated by the record owner.  A password hint can be used to help.