How2: Anonymous Messaging

There are times you need the viewer of your SuperID to be able to quickly send you a text message without using email or phone.

Typical use cases for this are:

  • SuperID owner anonymity
    The owner of the does not want to share contact information such as email or phone number with the unknown viewer of the tag.
  • Convenience for the viewer
    When your Smart ID is viewed by a third party – it is most convenient for them to send a quick text message to the owner

Normally, SuperID information records make it easy to share your contact information such as email with the viewers of the Smart ID. In most cases, the viewer can simply click your email ID and send an email to you – or click your phone number to place a call. However, the viewer may not be able to – or want to use email or phone a party they do not know. In such cases, sending a quick text message, anonymously may be more preferable for them.

Note that:

  • Any information that your Smart ID is configured to show will still be displayed.
    The anonymous message service is an additional facility you can enable for an information record, on a per record basis. By default, the anonymous messaging facility is turned off .
  • Anonymous messages sent to you by a third party are, well, anonymous!
    The Dynotag System will simply relay the anonymous text to you, the Smart ID owner, as a special email message. This means you cannot simply reply to an anonymous text email message. The sender will be explained this matter and will be encouraged to share their contact information in the text message.

Below, we set up a luggage tag Super ID we have for anonymous messaging and go through the steps:

First, on “My Records” screen, we click its orange “Item” record button.

This places us in the “Basic Information” section. We unclick all information shared from our “My Account” page – so they will not be displayed by default.

Note that we provide extra information in the “Description” area of the Basic Information Section, encouraging the viewer to get in touch with us…

We save our changes, then click the button to see the Record Dashboard.

Click the “Settings” icon on the record dashboard.

Expand the “Anonymous Messaging” subsection, check the “Enable Anonymous Messages” checkbox and “Save”.

Now, when a third party views the SuperID tag on your property, they will see the page below.
Note that there is NO personal information or contact information displayed on the page, however, there is a button to send a quick message to the owner of the ID tag:

Once the button is clicked, the viewer is taken to the “Messaging” page where they can type their message in – as shown in the example below:

Once the sender clicks the “Send” button, the Dynotag System will relay the text message immediately, as an email sent to tag owner’s email address. The email content would appear as below. Note the email is relayed from the send-only email address – which cannot reply to any messages…