Dynotag webapp works with all modern browsers supporting HTML5, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE and Edge.  Our preferred browser is Google Chrome because it is
o   Available for most computer and mobile platforms.
o   Self-updating and patches itself regularly to support latest security fixes.

Certain old browsers are not capable of loading the webapp – but most of those can view a dynotag’s contents fine as the Dynotag Cloud Service detects the old browser and serves a compatible, plain version of the tag contents.

Then, there is the issue of connection security.  We at dynotag take security seriously and work on keeping up with the latest updates to defend against published security issues. All dynotag interactions are carried over secure HTTPS connections – the same technology used by banks and e-commerce sites.

Some Operating System and Web Browser vendors do not keep up with security patches. In some cases, they do not follow best practices. An example is Apple Safari in older versions of MacOS X cannot connect to a secure site that has patched known weaknesses.  Dynotag isafariconnectionproblems one such site.  This issue is fixed by Apple in later versions of MacOS X but not in the older versions.

Fortunately, using a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox on the same Mac works just fine.

Similarly, in a few cases, some versions of Microsoft IE  or Edge may have difficulty – but in our tests, Google Chrome works fine in all cases.