Dynotag offers a variety of ready-to-use Smart ID products ready for immediate activation and use.

In the product descriptions of products with multiple tags, there is mention of IDENTICAL and UNIQUE sets.

This is best explained with an example.  Consider two products:

  1. Three IDENTICAL stickers
  2. Three UNIQUE stickers

First, let’s examine the IDENTICAL product.
As shown in the diagram below, three identical stickers are literally identical. This means they all display/share the same QR code and unique Web address of a single dynotag!  There is a single dynotag to activate, all the stickers share that dynotag’s information.

In contrast, with the UNIQUE product, there is a private dynotag for each sticker!  This also means the these stickers will all need to get individually activated by their owner before they can be used.

Identical Tags and Unique dynotags

Any dynotag merchandise that is a single physıcal product (such as a pet tag, pendant, etc.) always has its dedicated dynotag and is UNIQUE.

So – why does Dynotag offer products in these IDENTICAL/UNIQUE variants when multiple tags are involved in a product? The answer is simple: These variants answer different needs.

In many cases, users want to tag their belongings with generic recovery information. In these cases, an IDENTICAL set is handy because there is a single dynotag to maintain and all its physical tags show the same information. This is both more convenient and more economical.  An example would be our  Set of 18 Identical Sports Stickers – which are intended to display generic recovery information on golf clubs, laptop cases, outdoor gear, etc.

In other cases, there is a need to apply dedicated tags to their belongings, with specific recovery and other asset information, specific to an item.  In these cases, a product with UNIQUE tags may be appropriate. An example would be our Set of 108 Asset Management Stickers.

Note that some dynotag merchandise comes in mixed sets, such as FOUR strips of three identical stickers – or three strips of three identical zipper tags.  These offerings present an in-between solution, enabling the owner to group objects with similar recovery information together.

A note on Asset Management Stickers:
When there is need to use dozens, hundreds or more tags for individual objects.  If one were to activate all these unique tags individually, that would be a time consuming event. Dynotag “Block Activaton” mechanism effectively enable a user to activate three or more tags in a single activation step, adding them to the user’s collection, ready to be loaded with specific data. Learn more…