CAPTCHA on Tag Views

A CAPTCHA is a computer driven test for telling humans apart from machines.

Dynotag system uses a CAPTCHA step when viewing most Information Record types, such as Medical IDs, Property IDs and Pet IDs among others – as a first line of defense against “bots” – automated programs scouring the Internet to gather personal information.

The Dynotag Cloud Service has extensive security mechanisms to to engage password based security schemes, however some users choose to leave some basic information without password protection. In these cases, a bot can reach the unprotected information. The “CAPTCHA” step makes that very difficult for a bot. Dynotag uses its own CAPTCHA scheme to achieve a balance between security and ease of use in an emergency situation. This protection is enabled by default.

In the Dynotag system, physical tags are “linked” to information records. An information record is always viewed by way of a physical tag, by scanning its QR code or visiting the web address on the tag.

In cases where the tag owner feels the CAPTCHA step is not needed, it can be disabled on a per tag basis:

  • On “My Records” screen, click on the gray Tag ID button and proceed to edit the tag.
  • Now, on the Tag Management screen, click on the to expand the advanced settings.
  • The “No View CAPTCHA” checkbox is not selected by default – meaning that CAPTCHA should be displayed.
  • Click the “No View CAPTCHA” checkbox – and click “Save”

Viewing the Information Record through this tag will no longer present the CAPTCHA challenge.