FAQ: How do I notify multiple emails

Dynotag Smart Tags notify only one designated email address when a tag with “Email When Viewed” setting enabled is viewed.

Some email systems enable their users to forward incoming messages to multiple recipients in addition to the base account.  In this note, we will cover such a system: Gmail.

Gmail users can “forward” an incoming email to other addresses, by using two gmail features:  Forwarding and Filters.  The following describes how you set them up:

First, sign in to your gmail  account and click the gear icon  gearIcon.png and in the drop-down menu, click “Settings”.

On the settings page, there are several tabs to choose from – pick “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab first.

  • On this page, you will see a button titled “Add a forwarding address”. Click it and enter the additional email address you want to send notifications to.
  • You will be asked for permission to proceed, then for a confirmation number.
  • Gmail will send a confirmation email to address you entered – which will contain the “confirmation number” you need to enter for your forwarding address to be accepted. This is done to make sure the email address you entered is indeed accessible to you.

You can repeat the process above to set up multiple forwarding email addresses.

Now that you have the forwarding address(es) set up, now click the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab.  It is on this tab where you can define rules for gmail to conditionally forward mail to a designated forwarding address.

To add a new filter:

  • click “Create a new filter” at the bottom of the page. 
  • In the “From” box enter “noreply@dynotag.com” – this is the address used by dynotag servers when sending tag view notification messages.
  • In the “Subject” box – enter “access notification”
  • Next, click the “Create filter with this search” link at bottomFilterDef1.png
  • On the next screen click the “Forward it to” checkbox and pick the forwarding address desired from the dropdown list – which should contain all the confirmed forwarding addresses for your account.
  • Click “Save”.  Your filter rule is now active.

If you have more than one forwarding address defined, create a filter for each additional forwarding address. Each gmail filter can forward to only one address but you can have multiple filters defined for the same input conditions – thus forwarding incoming emails to multiple recipients.

Once you set your filters up, we suggest confirming the proper operation of your settings by performing a test view of your dynotag from a web browser that is NOT signed into your dynotag account. This should trigger a view notification email to your base gmail address, which should also trigger forwarding to additional addresses you set up in your filters.

Note that it can take up to a minute or two for the view notification email to be generated by dynotag then get forwarded to final destinations by gmail.