FAQ: Disabling a Tag

There are times when you may want to disable certain types of tags.

For example, if a Medical ID tag is misplaced and cannot be found, it may be desirable to disable it so no data, even the parts that are NOT password protected – can be seen by anyone.

To do this, you need to “Manage the Tag” – which can be done by clicking on the gray button with the tag ID

In this example, that would be the gray button marked with the tag ID 1065-3526.

Click the gray button, and proceed to “Edit” that tag.

On the “Manage Tag” dashboard,
– Expand the “Advanced” section by clicking its “expand” icon
– Uncheck the “Enable Tag” checkbox, and
– Click the”SAVE” button on top of screen to save your changes.

On your “My Records” page, disabled tags will be marked as “Disabled”

Disabling a tag is reversible via the same procedure if you recover the tag – or update its contents such that sensitive data is not accessible.

A tag that displays only your contact information would serve as a recovery tag so it can be returned to you if found…


Disabling a tag does NOT deactivate the information record the tag is linked to.
If there are other tags linked to the same record, they will continue to function normally so the record will stay accessible.
This is important considering that in a Medical ID context, several tags may be linked to the Medical ID Record – but only one is lost. Disabling the lost one does not prevent other Medical IDs from working as expected.