Example: The Miller Family

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

― Benjamin Franklin

Lisa and John Miller live in Seattle with their two sons Tim & David and daughter Jane. John’s parents Nancy and Samuel live a few minutes away. The Beagle pup Ajax and tabby Fiona completes the family.

Lisa is the unofficial records keeper of the family. She tracks all the health insurance, appointments, and mains the accounts from home mortgage to school tuitions. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Recently, her son David had a bicycle accident that rendered him unconscious and required a brief hospitalization. Since that event, Lisa has been concerned about the family members not having their emergency information accessible to first responders. In an emergency, minutes, even seconds count and it is not easy to remember all the information under stress.

That is when Lisa found out about Dynotag’s EmergencyMedical ID tags. She ordered a Smart Med ID Wallet Card and a Smart Med ID Pendant, intending to set both of them up with her emergency medical information.

The ID tags were delivered into her mailbox in just a couple days. Then, it was a simple 3-step activation to get her set up. Process starts by visiting dynotag.com/activate – then:

1 – Create her dynotag account using her email: LisaMiller@whitehot.com
2 – Activate Med ID Wallet Card with ID 1035-9843 using the activation key-code shown on the card.
3 – Because this is Lisa’s first Smart ID, she picks the default option of creating a Medical ID info record and linking the new ID tag to it…

Done in less than 5 minutes!

Lisa realizes the Smart ID can securely hold all her conditions, allergies, medical insurance information, correspondence notes and more! She has entered the basic information to start with – but can input all her healthcare information over time.

You can view the actual “Lisa’s SuperAlert® Medical ID” record here.

Lisa's MedID Record!
Click the image and enter password “sesame”.

She then activates her second tag – which goes on much faster:

1 – Already signed into an account – go to activation directly.
2 – Activate Med ID Pendant with ID 1035-9838 using the activation key-code shown on the card.
3 – Because Lisa already has a Medical ID info record, she chooses to link the pendant to the existing record…

Done in under a minute!

Lisa now realizes she can set up Smart Med ID tags for all her loved ones, and orders the following:

  • Smart Med ID Pendants for grandparents Nancy and Samuel.
    These can be worn continuously and Lisa & John will feel a lot better knowing their vital Medical Information as well as emergency contact, Insurance and physician information are accessible to First Responders and hospital staff – should they end up in an emergency.
  • Smart Med ID Bracelets for David, Jane and John – who are avid bicyclists and runners. It will be good to have the peace of mind when they are having fun outdoors.
  • Little Tim gets a Smart Med ID Pendant as well – because it’s always on his person and he cannot forget it behind as he leaves in the morning…

Now that she is experienced, Lisa sets the new Smart IDs in a matter of minutes. Everyone is excited to have this new high tech yet maintenance free protection!. Because all the information is securely stored in the Dynotag Cloud Service, it cannot be lost! If a Smart ID tag is lost or needs to be replaced, Lisa can use Dynotag’s “lifetime warranty” to get replacements which automatically take information over from the old tag.

Lisa now realizes she can choose from a large variety of fun Smart Pet ID Tags for Ajax and Fiona! They come with all the advantages of Medical Smart IDs, but are designed for Pets.

Ajax and Fiona are set up in no time!

Lisa then discovers the Smart Property ID Tags– these are great for keychains, luggage and all the electronics which are so easy to misplace! Plus, it’s good to document all the vehicles, tools and property with Dynotag Asset Stickers – makes it easy to keep all the information needed – right on the property itself!

Since then:

  • Doctor’s office is very impressed with the Smart Med ID tags.
  • Tim’s teacher at the classroom recommends all parents look into a Smart Med ID Pendant!
  • David gets his kindle book reader back after forgetting it on the plane after a long flight.
  • Ajax and Fiona’s veterinarian is impressed with their Smart ID tags. Fiona is well behaved but Ajax gets lost every few months, thankfully coming back when his Smart ID tag is viewed.
  • Most importantly, Lisa now has peace of mind knowing her loved ones are ready for an emergency!

Check out Lisa’s SuperAlert Medical ID record here – after entering the access password “sesame”.

SuperIDs by Dynotag: The Smart Way to Protect Everything You Value…