Concept: Web App

We often get the question about whether we have an “iOS App” or “Android App”.

The answer is “Both”, but not in the conventional sense.  Dynotag offers a web app that loads and runs in a web browser.  This always provides you the latest version of the app without app store complications – and runs on any computer with a web browser.

When you visit from your web browser – the Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) loads a stand-alone web app into your browser. This is a  real application – securely communicating with DCS using Dynotag’s API (Application Program Interface).

The web app installation happens automatically as you visit the web site – there is no additional step the viewer has to take. It just works as a web page.

Can I get a shortcut icon to the Dynotag Web App on my phone’s home screen?

Yes!   In both android and iOS, you can add a shortcut to a web address on your home screen – so it’s accessible via a single click just like any other app.

Do a quick google search for “add website as a shortcut on home screen” and you should be able to find the solution for your setup. Just add a shortcut to and you’re done.

Why a web app?

Because it does not make sense to require people to install a specialized app just to manage their tags or just to view a tag’s contents.

With a web app, any computer or smartphone with a web browser can be used to manage one’s dynotag Smart ID collection after signing in to the dynotag account.

When someone needs to view your tag’s contents, if they were told that they need to install  an app – they would simply give up on viewing the tag.

Every time the web app is loaded into a web browser, you automatically get the most recent version.  No need to “Update” separately.

Do people who see a dynotag for the first time load the web app also?

It was a fundamental requirement for us to make it easy for anyone to view a dynotag – even if it is the first time they are seeing one.

All they have to do is scan the QR code on the dynotag   – or visit the dynotag’s ID printed on the tag ( in their web browser – and a fast web page will be loaded by DCS to display the tag contents. The viewer will still need to meet any security requirements (password, etc.) configured by the tag owner.

To just view the contents of a dynotag, DCS does not load a web app – but a simpler active web page – making the “View” functionality fast and compatible with even old web browsers.

How many flavors of the web app are there?

Just one.

A web app provides far more functionality than a simple web site, just like a specialized iOS, Android, Windows or Mac apps does. However, a single web app works in all combinations of modern OS environments, whereas an app would need to be updated all the time to stay current with the OS.