Automated Warranty Processing

Dynotag SuperID™ Tags come with LIFETIME WARRANTY, offering a FREE replacement incident in the first year, deeply discounted replacements for subsequent incidents.  There is no limit to how many times a dynotag can be replaced.

For fast and easy processing of warranty replacements, Dynotag SuperIDs feature automated warranty processing for most tags.

In a nutshell:

You will navigate to the “Tag Dashboard” screen of the tag you want to replace. The warranty process will create a custom e-store coupon for you, which you can use to get your warranty replacement tag from the e-store, using the standard checkout process. When you receive your replacement tag, the activation process will help you replace the old tag with the new tag.

Step-by-step detail

Here is how this 3-STEP self-service process works in detail:

STEP 1: Start the warranty claim to replace the tag.

  • You determine you need warranty replacement of a dynotag that is lost or damaged. Sign-in to your dynotag account and on “My Records” screen, make sure that you have selected the “Show Tags” mode by clicking the “Show Tags” button on top right of the screen.   This will display the linked tag IDs as gray buttons under every Information Record – such as tag 1063-8552 in this example screenshot:
  • Click the gray button of the Tag ID you want to to warranty replace.  If asked, click the [Proceed to edit this tag] choice.  This will take you to the “Tag Dashboard” screen of that tag.
  • On the tag’s Dashboard, click the “Warranty” action in the “Function Panel”, which at the bottom of the screen. 
  • You will be shown a message with warranty information, and a button to “Dynotag Store” – like this example for tag 1042-4300:
  • Click the “Dynotag Store” button – and you will be taken to the store, with a “Special Warranty Coupon” created for that tag.

STEP 2: Select your replacement tag at Dynotag Store and setup delivery.

While at the store, in addition to your warranty replacement selection, you can purchase other tags – or take advantage of any special promotions available.

  • At the store, your special warranty coupon will provide you for the discount for qualifying replacement tag(s).
  • Click the redeem.jpg button on that coupon to view the selection of qualifying tag(s).
  • Select and add the replacement tag in your shopping cart, and continue shopping – or just check out, completing the shopping session.
  • After checkout is complete, you can click “My Tags” in store menu to return back to your tag collection…

Your replacement tag will be shipped to you directly from the Dynotag Store, with tracking number and insurance. You will be notified when you place the order and when your order ships. You can track your shipment from the link in the shipment message. 

Once you receive delivery of the replacement tag, continue with the final step.

STEP 3: Activate your new tag, auto-copying contents of the old tag.

When you receive your warranty replacement tag,  simply activate it using the standard activation process, however, this time, the system knows you have been waiting for a warranty replacement tag – so you will be shown an additional message:
If the tag you are activating is the replacement tag you received (the one to replace 1042-4300 My Damaged Dynotag in this example)
Then, Click the “Replace …” button on top to proceed with the replacement.
Else – if you are activating another dynotag purchase – unrelated to the warranty replacement – simply click the “Continue….” button.

For a warranty replacement, your  new tag will automatically get copied with all the contents of the old one – and the old tag will be removed from your collection for your privacy (a lost tag cannot be used to view your information).

Congratulations! You have completed the automated warranty replacement cycle…


  • You do not have to contact dynotag customer support for warranty replacement.
  • If you have the damaged  tag, you do not have to send it to dynotag.  Just discard it after the replacement process is completed and you have your new replacement tag active.
  • Yes: A warranty replaced tag can itself get replaced. Indefinitely! The very first, original tag’s activation date is used to determine the tag’s age for warranty computations. .
  • To protect your privacy, the old tag will be made inaccessible to others after  warranty replacement is completed.  If you do not want to wait, you can mark a lost tag “Disabled” in its advanced management settings – so it is inaccessible even before its replacement comes in.
  • You can replace any qualifying tag in your collection. If you feel a tag needs to get replaced for any reason, just proceed with the warranty replacement process as described above!
  • There can be up to two outstanding replacements in progress – at any point in time… A third warranty replacement cannot be initiated until you complete warranty activation of at least one of the tags in warranty replacement process.
  • There is no limit to how many tags you can replace in your collection. You can warranty replace all the tags in your collection if you need to  – as long as there are  no more than two replacement operations waiting to be completed at any given time.
  • The new tag WILL have a different tag ID number, QR code and key code
    After replacement is performed, we suggest you review the new tag title and contents and remove/correct any references to the old tag ID number.
  • Shortcut for jumping to STEP 2 directly (advanced users only)
    If you know the Tag ID nnnn-nnnn you want to warranty replace, you can simply go to and add the coupon named  warranty:nnnn-nnnn – then – redeem that coupon!