Ready Scholar Complimentary Smart Tag Program

Are you a student or teaching staff at a High School or College?

If yes, you already know that keychains are one of the most lost items in the campus
The Lost & Found office probably has a bucket full of keychains right now!

Good news: You qualify for a
FREE  Dynotag Mini Keychain Smart Tag!
You’ll be prepared next time your stuff goes missing!

We’ll ship your tag via USPS – directly to you.  Even shipping and handling is free!
This is a real dynotag product, with all the capabilities and lifetime recovery service.
Click the button below to get yours…



Program details & requirements

— Individual offer is currently valid for U.S. residents.
— International orders – bulk only, see below.
— New dynotag users only.
— Students must be high school age or older.
— Must provide proof of current academic status by uploading document scan or photo.
— Limit one per household.
— While supplies last…
— Need introductory tags in bulk for your entire team?  (learn more)

Benefits of Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Tags

Get PEACE OF MIND and protect against ID Theft, knowing your keys or valuable gear can find its way back to you when lost…

Recover pets, property, personal gear.   Lifelong protection for belongings.
Securely sets up in a minute, protects for life.
You’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Simple, practical operation once your tag is activated:
1) Tag shows contact and other information you set up.
2) Viewers contact you OR our support team to arrange recovery.

With hundreds of thousands of tags in service, Dynotag® is the leading company providing maintenance-free smart tags with offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Featuring Advanced, patented DynoIQ technologies.

  • Works with any modern web browser on phones / computers.
  • Tough & Maintenance-Free: No batteries or electronics.
  • Basic info + multiple files – each with password capability.
  • Reward for Return – included.
  • Lifetime Service – included.
  • You get auto-notified via email when tag is viewed.
  • View location information is logged – when available…
  • Simple to use – advanced features available when needed.
  • Works anywhere on the planet with Internet.

Get yours today!