Lost Pet Checklist

It is the moment we dread – but inevitably happens – when our pet strays away…

Things to verify on your pet’s dynotag when your pet goes missing:

  • Sign in to your dynotag account and click your tag to review its contents -address, phone and other information on your pet’s tag is current.
  • Make sure your tag is enabled, i.e. “Enable Tag” checkbox is checked in the “advanced” settings.
  • Post a reward for your property’s return if you want to offer a reward in addition to your Dynotag’s built-in Good Samaritan Rewards program reward.
  • Make sure “Receive notification on view” and “ask for location” is checked (enabled) on the tag.
  • If you have “Password Protected” enabled – you may want to disable it until your pet is back – this way it will be easier for viewers access the tag information.

If you make any changes to your tag, press “Save” on the form to save new settings.

Sign out of your dynotag account, then visit your tag’s unique web address dynotag.com/xxxxx in your web browser to verify it displays properly. That should result in a tag view notification email sent to you as well as displaying the information.

If you have not already, please share your tag’s unique ID with us by sending an email to support at dynotag dot com  – as sometimes individuals contact us directly instead of viewing the tag – and if they do, we will contact you ASAP.

Dynotags are passive – meaning that and all the information and intelligence of the tag is maintained by DCS, the Dynotag Cloud Service. DCS works with the device that views the tag to and uses its electronics and location information. This is why the tags are light, waterproof, shockproof and contain no electronics or batteries to recharge.

To get location information, we will have to wait until someone views the tag on your pet so we get the location of the “viewer” device – which may be a smartphone or another web browser.

If you have email notifications available and enabled on this tag, you will get an email when the tag is viewed.

All views of your tag are “recorded” in your tag’s access log, which you can examine by:

  1. Signing into your account and clicking on your tag – then
  2. Choosing “Access Log” on the menu. You will see logging information in your tag as well as a map and a list of accesses with time and IP address or precise location as a google map link if the viewer shared location information.

We do have a more detailed discussion of the location tracking and other FAQs at our documentation site:  learn more

We are looking forward to quick and safe recovery of your pet!