Best Practices: Heading to School

Heading back to school can be chaotic. Many pieces of property to move and travel with, some of which is bound to get misplaced.

There are bags, books, calculators, laptops, phones, headphones, eyeglasses just to get started.

If the school is far away, there is luggage, moving boxes and even more items to keep track of.

Use Dynotag SuperIDs® brand Smart ID Tags to prepare your property for recovery – if they get misplaced.

Adult students can take care of their own Dynotag account. Junior students’ Smart ID Tag can be maintained by their parents or guardian.


All large luggage can be equipped by a Luggage Tag from our selection here.
Secure the tag loop by adding a drop of glue in the screw barrel of the loop so it stays secure.

Make sure your luggage photos are uploaded into the tag’s information record. This would enable you to describe the appearance of the luggage easily. Add multiple photos as necessary.

You can even take photos of the contents and load these into the tag’s information record as “Private” so only the owner can view these when signed into their Dynotag account – they are not visible to third parties. See the “Security and Passwords” article in the FAQ for details.

Moving boxes:

Our “Organizer Stickers” are designed to make it easy to find your things when multiple boxes and containers are involved. Look for the “ORKIT-NNN” products on our Stickers page. They are available in various quantities, such as this 18 Unique Sticker set.

After activating an organizer label, you can keep a list of contents right in the information record for that label, with photos as necessary. These are larger labels with room for notes on them – making it easy to find things without opening multiple boxes!

Bags, Keychains:

Countless gym bags, handbags and backpacks are misplaced every day. Keychains fall off or get misplaced. Look for our minitag and keychain tag selection here. Set them up just like you would a Luggage Tag.

Pro Tip:

Our Smart Pet ID tags can be configured as an Item Tag during activation. This means you can have a fun Smart ID Tag on your bags, keychains and other property you roam about with often.

Personal Electronics and other Items

Various sticker designs may fit your needs from our Stickers page – but we suggest considering this multi-size assortment of 20 identical stickers – which can be used to label a variety of items of different sizes with the same owner information.

White background / dark background large/medium/small size varieties ensure you have a sticker for every item.


Countless coats, parkas and other garments are left behind in auditoriums, classrooms and cafes. Without identification, their chances of recovery is low at best…

Our MicroZipperTags are designed to attach to zippers of coats, bags, gloves and outdoor gear, such as binoculars, gloves.

They are small, tough and have the full capability of their larger cousins.

Emergency Medical IDs:

We all need our Emergency contact information, medical conditions, medical history, insurance coverage, allergy, medication and other key information on our person at all times, regardless of we are going back to school or not.

Dynotag SuperAlert® Medical IDs are prepared to present vital information to first responders and officers in seconds. You can keep all the information needed, sensitive parts under password protection or private only. View a real Medical ID record set up for an example user, Lisa Miller, here

Available as wallet Cards, keychain Tags, pendants, wristbands and even as stickers and paracord-ready laminated tags, Dynotag offers a rich variety of ready-to-use Medical IDs here.

For added protections and redundancy, one can have multiple Medical ID tags linked to the same Med ID information record. No one should be without…