We depend on First Responders every day to keep us safe.

We owe a debt of gratitude to these brave men and women who selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to help others.

As a token of appreciation, Dynotag is offering a FREE Mini Super Med ID tag to any U.S.  based First Responder.  We even ship the tag  FREE!

Free Smart MedID Tag Request >>> This program will become active at end of August 2018 <<<

Our Super Med ID Tags are designed to offer Vital information to First Responders in emergency situations.  It is only fitting we equip every First Responder with a complimentary one!

To receive the complimentary tag, applicants should fill the request form to enter shipping information and upload the image of a valid ID or certificate to establish First Responder status (such as: Fire Fighter, Police and Law Enforcement, EMS technician, Paramedic, Medical Doctor, Nurse, Search and Rescue, Lifeguard).

Dynotag users depend on First Responders viewing important information stored in their tags:

  • A dynotag Property Recovery Tag provides information on contacting the owner of the property it is attached – to arrange safe return.
  • A dynotag Medical ID / Emergency ID Tag provides VITAL information needed to properly assist a person in an emergency situation.
  • A dynotag Pet Tag contains important owner, licensing, veterinary information needed to properly handle a pet that is lost or in an emergency situation.

The Dynotag Family thanks you for your service!

There are more than 25.3 Million U.S. First responders  (Source: DHS)