Friends In Need


Friends In Need is a charity program by Dynotag, Inc.

Sometimes, fellow members of society hit a rough patch in their lives. They may have medical conditions but may be unable to keep their vital medical information together and in financial duress.

To help these friends in need, Dynotag is offering a FREE Mini Super Alert ID tag to keep their vital information available.  We even ship the tag  FREE!

About the Program

Goal of the program is to help low or no income persons by furnishing them with a free Dynotag Emergency Contact Information Tag – aka SuperAlertID Tag.  This makes sure vital information about the person is available in an indestructible and persistent manner – easily accessible if and when it is needed. We also make the tags available to EMT / EMS personnel and First Responders who help distribute and activate these tags for the needy.

Available in various sizes, shapes and materials, these Emergency Information tags offer the same core functionality: A repository for key information for “first responders” in case of an emergency, even if the tag owner is unconscious.

Featuring Dynotag’s patented technology, these Emergency Information tags were developed in cooperation with Emergency Response professionals – for the purpose of replacing an “Amber Alert” information tag system with a modern and versatile system – which was easy to obtain and use by anyone with computer access.  More information on the products here.

Who Qualifies

Final owner of the tag must be a homeless, low or no income person in need of assistance – or an EMS/EMT personnel directly assisting such persons.


In order to set up and use a dynotag, it has to be “activated” using a dynotag account.  All that is needed is access to a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari – and an email address…

If the intended final owner does not have access to a computer or capable of setting their own tag up, then a volunteer can receive and set the tag up on behalf of the final owner. The volunteer can be a shelter volunteer, first responder or any computer literate person willing to help the person in need.

If the person(s) in need does not have an email account, the volunteer setting the tag up may want to obtain an alternate email address – under which (s)he can activate and load the contents of all dynotags for the person(s) in need.  This method may be the most convenient for the final recipient – as all they have to do is take and keep the activated tag.  The volunteer will have to perform entire tag setup on behalf of the recipient – and also update the content as needed.

For tips on loading/using the Emergency Contact Information tags, please see this  FAQ Article.

By default, we will send an ECI MiniTag product.  We will ship via USPS First Class mail – at no cost to the recipient.

The Application Process

The application process is simple:

  • Send an e-mail to describing the need in a quick paragraph.
  • If you are the end user, please tell us where you heard of us, and how you plan to use the tag.
  • If you are a volunteer, and have more than one person in need, we would like to get a summary of the situation and your plan to help – so we can make suggestions and help you help others effectively.

Do include the USPS mailing address that will be receiving the tags.

Answers to many questions can be found on our FAQ page.

Questions? Please contact us at